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How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat (Android & iOS)

In this article, you will know how to enable dark mode on Snapchat. This image messaging and chatting app is joyful to use until it gives you eye strain. The strain on the eyes is a common problem people face when they use mobile phones at night. Moreover, Blue lights can cause sleep disturbance and headaches. That’s why all the famous apps introduce dark mode features to give their consumers a better user experience.

Back in 2019, the dark mode trend was at its peak. So all applications started rolling a Dark Mode theme to their features. The only app that did not abide was Snapchat.

But luckily, Snapchat has recently introduced a dark mode feature. Now you can enjoy Snapchat at night without straining your eyes. Now you can turn on Snapchat dark mode to avoid eye strain. But whether you can avail of this facility or not, depends upon where you reside.

Snapchat Dark Mode On iOS And iPhone

Snapchat is well known for rolling new features to facilitate its use. Recently there has been the addition of a new feature, “Dark Mode”, on Snapchat. People were constantly inquiring about how can you get dark mode on Snapchat. So the app introduced a Snapchat dark mode theme for its users.

Unfortunately, only iPhone users are enjoying this privilege. However, this feature is missing for Android users. Many android users have been wondering for a long time when they will be able to use this feature on their device. Although Snapchat keeps promising to introduce a dark theme no one knows when it is going to happen.

What Is  Dark Mode On Snapchat

The dark mode is a Display setting for the user interface. In Snapchat dark mode, instead of the default dark text showing up against a Light screen (known as light-mode), a light-colored text (white or grey) is presented against a dark or Black screen.

Since the dark mode is easier on your eyes and your device’s battery life, enabling dark mode on Snapchat helps you prevent strain on the eyes, and sleep disturbances, and also less battery is consumed when you turn on dark mode. Dark mode can also be known as:

  • Black mode
  • Dark theme
  • Night mode
  • Light-on-dark

Even though it is a much more popular feature these years, not all apps have the Dark Mode feature. Regardless of other apps’ capabilities, here’s how to turn on dark mode on Snapchat for iOS.

How Do You Get Dark Mode On iPhone / iOS?

Luckily, dark mode for Snapchat iOS was released after a long wait in May 2021. The update made it easier for users to browse Snapchat at night. Here is how to enable dark mode on iPhone.

How Do You Get Dark Mode On iPhone iOS

  1. Tap the Bitmoji icon on the top left corner to open your profile.
  2. Now tap on the Gear icon to open the Settings.
  3. Under the “My Account” setting, tap “App Appearance” to view the option to change the Snapchat theme.
  4. Now choose “Always Dark” to enable dark mode on iPhone.

Automate Snapchat Theme On iPhone

Your eyes will not strain to turn on dark themes at night. But what about Day time? A dark theme during the daytime will cause you a lot of difficulty in browsing the app.

It is better to Automate Snapchat Theme, another wonderful feature of Snapchat on iOS. By doing so, you can set time for dark and light modes to switch according to your convenience.

The method to turn to automate the Snapchat theme is simple. Just follow the steps below:

Automate Snapchat Theme On iPhone


  1. Open the Setting app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Display and Brightness menu.
  3. Enable Automatic toggle and select Options.
  4. Now you can Customize the time schedule as a light mode in the morning and dark mode at the night.

How Do You Get Dark Mode On Android

Enabling dark mode on Android is a more complex method. There is no official dark mode setting for Android yet. But you can use an alternative method to turn on dark mode on Snapchat.

Force-enabling dark mode in Snapchat for Android will save your eyes from straining. You can force a dark theme on all the installed apps on the phone, including Snapchat.

How Do You Get Dark Mode On Android

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Swipe down and select the Gear icon to open settings in the top right corner.
  2. From here you need to choose “Display”.
  3. Now enable “Dark Mode”.
  4. Go back and open the Settings app and tap “About Phone”. Now scroll down to find the “Build Number”. and tap it seven times. By doing this you have enabled Developer Mode on your device.
  5. Go back to Settings and select the “Developer Option” that we have just enabled.
  6. Scroll down and choose “Force Dark Mode”.

Now you will have a better user experience as you have just enabled Force Dark Mode on your android device. Moreover, you will notice that Android will invert colors on apps that don’t have native dark mode support.

NOTE: Force Dark Mode can not be enabled if you are using a newer version of Snapchat. Hence, you will have to install the older version or the app stays in the light theme.

Get Dark Mode On Snapchat Using Third-Party App

As there is no official way to turn on dark mode on Android, some individuals have developed apps that can help fix this issue. These apps can turn your Snapchat into a Dark theme. One of such apps is the Substratum app and the method to install and use this app is quite simple. However, your android device needs to be rooted for this app to work.

Enjoy Snapchat At Night

Now that you know how to get dark mode on Snapchat, you can easily set your app to the dark theme. This article gives you a simple step-by-step guide to turning on dark mode on iPhone and dark mode on Android. So that you can enjoy your time using Snapchat.

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