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How To Fix YouTube Black Screen Video Problem

YouTube is the largest video streaming site. Over the years, its viewers have grown to an exceeding amount. Not just viewers but also the content creators of YouTube have been increasing as it is also a source of revenue through ads. From music videos to lifestyle vlogs, everything is available on YouTube, it covers a long extended version of content and people prefer this app for media entertainment that involves long videos.

Despite the fact that YouTube videos are generally long still the app works perfectly if you have a stable internet connection and hardly face any flaw. A few times users have complained that sometimes a video does not play on YouTube like it normally does; instead, a black screen appears on YouTube, which generally lasts for about 5 seconds.

If you are facing this problem and looking for a solution, you are at the right place. This issue can be fixed with a few methods listed below;

1. Check Internet Connection

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube hardly faces any issue and if it does that mostly involves the poor internet connection. If you have come up with this situation, first and foremost check your internet connection. It is common for a black screen to appear mostly due to connectivity errors. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet and internet is working properly. After checking the internet, try out other methods.

2. Update Web Browser

Sometimes you have not updated your browser for such a long time that it starts affecting the proper functionality of the apps. Update your web browser and you will see the difference. The update itself resolves a lot of hidden problems with your device.

3. Bid For A Different Browser

In case of again facing the same issues even after the update, try to use some other web browser. Sometimes the issue is just with one web browser and apps work perfectly with another web browser. Change the browser and see if the problem gets resolved.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies

Cache files and other unnecessary data building up in the browser also create many problems. Deleting cache files and cookies of your browser is important. To clear this mess, click CTRL+SHIFT+Delete, when the next page appears, select the relevant options and select ‘Clear data’. All your excessive, unwanted cache files would be deleted.

5. Flush DNS Cache

After clearing out cache files, it is best to delete outdated and unnecessary DNS cache as it can cause issues as well. Delete the DNS cache and most probably your black screen issue of YouTube would be fixed by now.

6. Disable Hardware Acceleration

‘Hardware Acceleration’ is a really useful feature of Google Chrome that permits function through GPU. It is really important as it improves the quality of the browser’s output. But sometimes, it can cause issues with the apps, so you can try disabling them.

  • Open Chrome browser, click on three dots.
  • A list of different options would appear, from their click on ‘Settings’.
  • From settings, click Advanced Settings’.
  • In an advanced setting, an option would be there for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.
  • Disable it.

It would be disabled and your YouTube black screen issue would be resolved.

7. Disable Chrome Extensions

Sometimes Chrome extensions cause problems with the applications. To fix this, simply disable all the chrome extensions. This step would surely fix the black screen issue. Make sure to disable all the extensions and you could notice the difference.

That is it for this article. These are the top best method for fixing YouTube black screen issue. We hope that your problem could be fixed by now. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Noor Eeman

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