How to Find WiFi Password on Android Phone

There is a slight chance it cloud be wep_supplicant.conf if the network is using WEP encryption instead if WPA. If you’ve rooted your android phone or willing to root your phone then you should be able to use a file manager such as ASTRO and Root Browser in which case you can find your WiFi password of that network.

  • Required: Rooted Phone

Find WiFi Password on Android Phone!

This method only works if your Android phone is rooted, use file manager to locate this folder: misc/file folder, then look for wpa_Supplicant.conf when you have located this config file then you need an editor to open that file, which is probably installed already on your smartphone if not then download any editor from play store, After opening that config file you should be able to read the password in plain text form at that point.

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If that didn’t work, or if you don’t want to root your phone, you could also just reset the password. (Note: Rooting your Android device may result in voiding its warranty.) If you have no access to the router, you can try an app like WifiAnywhere, which also comes in handy if you’re trying to access Wi-Fi from an unfamiliar place. It lets you log in to routers connected to the network, and some routers have this as a standard option, which is very useful.

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