How to Crop an Image in Circle on Google Docs, Canva, Photoshop

Google docs is a google version of a word document. It is the most flexible word processor used to write letters, memos, reports, term papers, typesetting novels, magazines, etc. You can do a lot here from writing a paper/document to putting in pictures and designs. Such as how to crop an image in circle?

It is endured with a bunch of engrossed features moreover, It is an utterly invaluable integrated free web-designed app. Keeping accurate records of events becomes very difficult when you rely on oral tradition.

Because firstly if it’s not written down people go for proof hence they keep denying if really that event took place or not in other words, Documents provide more detailed information and are more effective than oral sources. Whenever you make changes in your documents it autosaves them. It is commonly used for education and business purpose. It also allows more than one person to work on a particular document at the same time.

Features of Google Docs

It has a variety of enthralling features. As recently they have been adding a bunch of cool features. The collaboration experience just got so much smoother. They are mentioned below;

  • Voice Typing is a huge saver of time,
  • It covers almost 40 languages,
  • Research Tool is an amazing feature that leads you to any desirable site you want to reach. It’s a lifesaver,
  • Templates are another feature of google helps out in checking revision history.
  • A new function is added which means you never have to hunt around a tool or menu bar ever again,
  • Google is calling this feature as Smart Chip feature,
  • You have to type @symbol within it,
  • You see a dropdown menu with all chip suggestions,
  • Formats, Fonts, and Editing are among other captivating features.

What is an Image?

A mental picture of something that is not present or real is known as an image. A digital image is a numeric representation of a two-dimensional image. Images have a finite set of digital values called pixels.

Crop an Image in Circle

Has this ever happened to you, after you are scrolling someone’s account and they have this awesome testimony of photos cropped in a circle? Always!! and you start wondering how on earth they can do this!! Here you go, it’s not rocket science, in the first place just a few simple steps and we are done.

  • Open Google Docs
  • Create a New document, once it’s achieved
  • Pop on to Menu Bar
  • Select the Insert tool then pop onto the Drawing option 
  • Click New image
  • Once it opens pop-up Image Icon 
  • Select an image of your choice that you want to crop in a circle
  • Double-tap image within the drawing canvas 
  • When you reach out to the image click on the icon situated just beside replace the image
  • Select the shape icon and move toward shapes
  • Select the cropping tool 
  • You will get an oval instead of a circle so you have to make it a circle
  • Now you have to bring the top and bottom of the oval sides together to make it a circle
  • With your selection and layer press on it within the perimeter
  • Rescale it, trip extra transparency. 
  • Save the cropped image to google docs.

And yeah it’s all done!

Drawing in Google Docs

A needed feature of google docs is google drawings. It helps with images. In the menu bar, you have the insert option roll down and select a new image. You have an embedded feature of search image which helps you to select one of your own desired images. Adjust on the canvas. You can have stand-alone /outer source drawing. 

How to Download Image in Google Docs?

  1. Select the image do right click
  2. Select keep as shown on the right side
  3. Tap on it and click the right key
  4. Choose your option to save as or share. Done!

How to Crop Image in Circle in Google Slides?

You can mask images in google slides easily. It makes the slide look professional.

  1. Go to Google Slides take any blank presentation,
  2. Tap on insert pop up on the image,
  3. Either search the web or upload from the device up to you,
  4. When the image is in,
  5. Choose image move cogwheel to mask image right next to crop option
  6. Mask image is drop-down now you can choose your desired shape
  7. Resize the image
  8. Change the size, rotation whatever ease you, finally it’s done

All the shapes worked well.

Other Apps Used to Crop Image in Circle?

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • 3D pictures

How to Crop Image in Canva?

Canva is another way to crop the image into a circle, likewise, it is the best graphic design app. It has so many elements like shapes, frames, and lines.

  1. Start with a blank page,
  2. To create a circular image go to frame,
  3. Choose your desired shape,
  4. Then grab your photo and drag it onto the shape.
  5. Pop right into the circle, then the shape is a crop,
  6. You crop and re-size the image.

Yeah done!

How To Crop Image in Circle in Photoshop?

I’m assuming you have a new website, social media, or something like that therefore, you need to crop the image into a circle.

  1. Dropdown to cropping tricks
  2. Hold the crop tool or just press the letter C on your keyboard,
  3. Now open your image,
  4. Look into layers of the panel,
  5. First, convert the background layer into normal,
  6. Surround the image with transparency,
  7. Re-name layer,
  8. Elliptical Marquee tool is nestled behind the rectangular tool,
  9. Draw a circular selection outline,
  10. Reposition the outline,
  11. Invert the selection,
  12. Delete everything outside the circle,
  13. Trim away transparent areas and,
  14. Save the image as a PNG file.

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