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How To Create Virus In Notepad

This virus will make itself spread to removable disc with AutoRun so that other computers plugged an infected flash disc will immediately become victims without running infector User waited for her. This virus I gave the name “Kalong.VBS”. Now open Notepad her.Copy the following code:


Save the code in Notepad by means FILE> SAVE. Then save as type select “All Files (*. *). Save with name: k4l0n6.dll.vbs. Need not actually use * .dll also do nothing but attempt to avoid suspicious wrote.

Worm Virus is indeed not purely of my own thoughts because it mimics his code-Zay Rangga virus.But that is better because it is not detectable wear PCMAV RC15, ClamAV, and AVAST. This was counted for you know that makes the virus / worm does not need to buy pirated software. Wear Notepad (on Windows Original) also.

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