How To Crash your BFF iPhone just by Sending a Simple Text

A YouTube Channel highlights a sequence of characters that temporarily freeze an iPhone, And you can send that text to anyone to make them annoying or to your friends. It work’s like this: a white flag emoji, the digit “0” and a rainbow emoji confuse iOS 10 when it tries to combine them into a rainbow flag.

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And you can send those characters to anyone via text message to an iPhone user running the latest iOS 10.1 or 10.2 and the iPhone will freeze. It even didn’t give time to see from where did you get that text or even didn’t get a chance to open the messages app, the phone will freeze as soon as it receives the text.


Apple declined to comment.

It seems like someone’s always trying to mess with your tech. The FBI recently disclosed how it hacked an iPhone while investigating the San Bernadino shooting, while US intelligence agencies are currently embroiled in a war of words with President Elect Donald Trump over allegations of Russian hacking.

The bug was originally found by Preston159

This bug appears to only affect iOS v10.1.1. 10.2+ does not seem vulnerable.

You will not be able to copy/paste this text on your iPhone. You must create a new note from, open that note on your phone, and share it via messages, or send it via iMessage from a Mac.

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