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How to Check someone’s Instagram Username History

The detailed tutorial on how to check someone's username history on Instagram.

Instagram is becoming no less than Facebook. Every other person has an Instagram id and every business prefers Instagram for its online marketing and business. With so many users and so many Instagram business ids, oftentimes it is so hard to judge which business is a scam and which is not.

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Instagram is becoming more eCommerce platform than it has ever been. Everyone is selling or buying through the app. From home-based bakers and influencers to the biggest companies of the world, everyone is focusing on gleaming their business through Instagram. So in times like these, it is best to know the scam businesses before going out for them.

One of the most effective ways to judge this is by checking the username history of the account. If the person or business is changing usernames every few days or weeks, it is a sign that the account could be a scam.

Several times businesses after scamming a number of people change their usernames so it becomes hard for the people to find the account in the future for exposure or other purposes. They also privatize their mention @ in the stories or anywhere in order to get safe from getting exposed and also to continue their malicious business.

But not every time people change their Instagram usernames for scams. Sometimes people generally want a little changed or a better username going better with their business id, personal or professional id. However, you can easily detect the difference between both IDs’ usernames changing motives.

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It is however highly recommended to at least check the username history once.

To check the username history of any account follow these steps;-

  • Open the user’s profile.
  • On the top right corner, you would find the three-dot menu. Click it.
  • A pop-up would appear and from that, you select “About This Account”.
  • Account information would appear and from that, you need to simply click on “Former Usernames”. A list of usernames ever used by the account would appear.
  • From the usernames, you can guess and check whether the account is misleading you or not.

This is quite helpful as with every username its date would be mentioned. So you can check how frequently they change usernames. You can also detect the most recent changes in usernames. So in this way you can easily differentiate a scam account from a non-scam one.

Nothing would be shown in case the user is using the same username from the start till date.

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