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How To Change Username On Reddit

Your username on Reddit is like your nickname or your alias. In other words, it’s what visitors see when they look you up. Your username should be something that’ll easily identify you on the site and provide clues to your interests and activities. Changing your username is simple and only requires a few minutes of time.

Find Your Current Username

Your username will be the name that Reddit users see when they type your username into the search bar. It’s helpful to keep this username in mind when choosing a new username.

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You can find your current username on Reddit by going to your username page (found on the page that shows your posts and your comment history). You can also find your current username by clicking the “log in” link at the top right of Reddit.

How To Change Username on Reddit

Your Reddit account must meet these requirements to change your username:

  • The account should be less than 30-days old.
  • The user should not have changed the Reddit username before.

Reddit allows multiple accounts with the same email address despite the rules. We’ll start by creating a Reddit account for this guide. Reddit’s ‘Change username‘ pop-up will finish the one-time username change. Let’s start.

Account Creation

You may sign up for Reddit using Google, Apple, or email. If you choose Google or Apple, a random username will be created for your account.

For now, I’m going to Continue with Google, Do you want to change or keep this username? will appears when you visit Reddit after registering an account with Google or Apple.

To change your Reddit username, click Change Username. You can only do this once; after that, your account will be permanently linked to that user name.

Account Created With An Email Address

  • Enter your email in the EMAIL field to create a Reddit account.
  • After you have entered an email, choose your username. Enter your chosen username in the CHOOSE A USERNAME field and a password below it.
  • After that, click the Sign Up button. Once you choose your username, you can’t change it again.

How To Change Your Reddit Username on Desktop

Instead of using the Reddit app on a mobile device to change your randomly assigned Reddit username, use Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS to change your Reddit username.

  1. Click on your “Profile Avatar” in the upper right-hand corner on the Reddit home page.
  2. Select “Profile” from the menu.
  3. When a pop-up appears asking you to update your username, click “Change Username“.
  4. Enter your desired username in the text box. Click “Continue,” and look for the red text under your username. If the username is available, Reddit will tell you.

Change Your Reddit Display Name on Desktop

A Reddit account’s display name is another name used to identify a Reddit user. This name is visible only when you search for a user using their username and look up their profile. The display name does not appear in the posts that you create using your username.

You can edit your display name whenever you like. Let’s see how it works on Reddit’s website and app.

  1. Log into your Reddit account on your PC, then click the down arrow next to your profile photo.
  2. Click the User Settings under the MY STUFF section.
  3. User Settings > Profile.
  4. Choose a new name and type it into the Display name (optional) field.

How To Change Your Reddit Username on Android and iOS

  1. Open the Reddit app and sign in to the account you want to change the username for. Then, tap your profile icon in the upper left corner and choose “My profile” from the menu that slides out. 
  2. Reddit will ask if you want to keep your allocated username or change it. Tap ‘Change Username‘ and enter a new username. Once done, click ‘Next‘ in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap ‘Save Username‘ to update your Reddit username. Your new username will appear on your profile page and in posts and comments.

Change Your Reddit Display Name on Android and iOS

Change your display name if you can’t change your Reddit username. How-to:

  1. Tap your profile avatar in Reddit’s top-left corner. Tap ‘My profile‘ from the options.
  2. Next, click ‘Edit Profile‘ To change your display name now.
  3. Your display name can be anything between 40 characters. Once you’re done, click the top-right ‘Save‘ button. Your new Display name appears on your profile.


How To Check Your Reddit Account Age?

You can check the Reddit account age whether on mobile devices or desktop. Now, go to ‘My Profile‘ beside your username and karma you can find your account age.

Can I Create Multiple Reddit Accounts With The Same Gmail Account?

Yes, You can use the same Gmail account to create multiple Reddit accounts. In some cases, the Reddit mobile app automatically logs you into your old account when you try to sign up for a new account.

Can I Later Change My Reddit Username?

If your account is less than 30 days old and you’re still using the Reddit-assigned username, you can change it.

Can I Browse Reddit Anonymously?

Yes. Reddit allows users to post anonymously.

Are Reddit Username And Reddit Display Name The Same?

No. Reddit has separate usernames and display names. Your Reddit username shows above your posts and comments, but your display name is only displayed on your profile.

If I Deactivate My Account, Can I Reuse My Username?

You may want to deactivate your Reddit profile. You can’t use the same Reddit username after deactivation. You’ll need a new username. You can create and use unlimited profiles.

How Do I Delete My Account?

To delete a Reddit account, go to your Settings and click the delete button.


There are several reasons why you might want to change your username on Reddit. If you’ve ever changed your username on Reddit before, how did it make things easier for you? If you’re looking for a new username, what makes this process easier for you? Whatever your reasons are for changing your username, it’s a simple process that’ll maximize your online privacy and anonymity.

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