How To Capture Anything On Your Screen Using Google Assistant

Screenshots are the best way to describe anything new, including step by step tutorial or error pointing out, etc. You save something on your platform the best way using screenshots. Every operating system comes with a screenshot tool that is so essential for the ways we operate our smartphones.

As you all are aware that every operating system has a screenshot tool that triggers when keeping up volume + Home button. For android devices, It works by keeping both the up + down volume keys on some phones.

Android phones you need to open the page to be screenshot and click the physical buttons. But what if your phone’s Volume or Home button breaks or doesn’t work?

During this situation, a screenshot can be taken by the Google Assistant. Capturing images is much simpler than using the actual buttons for Google Assistant. Not only does it look classy, but it also functions in applications that have small screenshots.

Steps to take Android screenshots on Google Assistant:

This post includes a comprehensive guide to taking Android screenshots with Google Assistant. Let’s find out.

Note: When using the standalone Google Assistant app, go to the Google Play Store, and download the program.

Step 1. First of all, start your Android device with Google Assistant.

Step 2. Tap the three horizontal lines as shown below.



Step 3. Select ‘Config‘ after clicking the profile image.


Step 4. Scroll down, find and click “General


Step 5. Enable ‘Use Screen Content‘ and ‘Donate Screen Captures’ under ‘General‘.

Step 6. Now open the app or website to capture snapshots. Start the Google Assistant and tap the ‘Share Screenshot’. Type ‘screenshot‘ or speak directly the term ‘capture screenshot‘ if the Sharing Screenshot option is not present.


Step 7. The snapshot is immediately taken by Google Assistant. You can save it or post it directly on your Android from the share menu with your buddies.









Hurray! You’re done. This is how screenshots can be taken on Android with the Google Assistant. I hope you’ve been assisted well by this post! Keep sharing 🙂

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