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How to Bypass 40 Minutes Time Limit on Zoom?

Without a premium plan, Zoom can only hold 40 minutes meetings in the free version. Most of the time, meetings extend from 40 minutes and you need more time. It becomes chaos, again sending linking and getting everyone to join again. Especially for the people who don’t get tech and it becomes really hard to get them again on the meeting.

This causes a huge disturbance and the momentum gets disturbed. As many people cannot afford premium plans. So for avoiding all such situations, there is a way by which you can extend the zoom free time limit without having to subscribe to premium plans.

Different Zoom Plans

Zoom has different plans and versions. Each plan has its features according to the price. The free version has the most limited features. But it overall works well, it is just the 40-minute time limit that annoys everyone.

Zoom comprises 4 plans


The basic plan is completely free. But it can only hold meetings for up to 40 minutes. After that, it ends automatically.  Only 100 participants can join in the free version also one to one session is only for 30 hours.


Pro does not have the restrictions like those we have for free. It costs around $14.99.


Business is an upgraded version of zoom and costs around $19.99.


Enterprise is the highest version and it costs $19.99.

How to Bypass 40 Minutes Time Limit on Zoom?

Follow these steps to cross the time limit of zoom’s free version.

  1. Open your Zoom app and login into your account.
  2. You will get 4 options. We usually click on a new meeting or join. You don’t have to click that. Instead, click on Schedule which is on the lower left side with a calendar icon.
  3. A box will appear on the screen with different options to be filled.
  4. Write your name or topic of the meeting on the “Meeting Name” box.
  5. The date & Time option would also appear. Write the date and time of the meeting.
  6. Do all the settings as required.
  7. On the Calendar section, ONLY choose the “Other Calendars” option and never select options like iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook.
  8. Click on the “Save” button and your meeting would be scheduled.
  9. A link sort of thing will appear to share it with the people you want to have your meeting with.

When you will start your meeting, as soon as it would be about to end, a time would appear. A host needs to leave the meeting before the meeting itself ends. Click on “Leave the Meeting” to not end the meeting.

After that, the host and everyone can again join the meeting with the same link. You do not need to make or start another meeting. Lots of confusion and disturbances would be avoided. Every 40 minutes you can join the meeting again with the same link.

This technique only works on Windows and macOS and not on any other.

Ways to have longer meetings

If you want to have a long meeting with interruption or with having to join again after every 40 minutes, then you can subscribe to premium. It will not have any kind of restrictions.

You can also hold important meetings on other apps and things besides zoom. These are convenient and do not have any restrictions. Free versions of these are far better than those of zooms. You can have a meeting on:-

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoToMeeting

Basic Zoom Accounts

In case the situation of Covid is really bad in your area, you can get your accounts’ time limit free by filling out a verification form. Zoom will temporarily take the time limit from our accounts.


Hence through this method, you can easily cross the 40-time limit from zoom. This technique would only operate in windows macOS. Other versions of zoom won’t have this feature

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