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How to Block Internet Access For Certain Programs in Windows, Mac and Android

These days we’re hardly disconnected from the internet while using computers and mobile phones. And the applications which you have installed send your information back to developers whom they sell your data to advertisements companies and everything is happening in the background.

Most of us don’t even read the privacy terms before agreeing to it. To avoid this situation there are different ways to prevent applications from sharing information and blocking internet connectivity for certain applications.

Block Internet Access For Certain Programs in Windows

Windows Firewall is a firewall module of Microsoft windows. It is also called as Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10. It is built-in your device and it is mainly used to limit the app’s controls of erupting internet of the device by managing the authorization of the internet access.

For activating Firewall;-

  • Go to Windows Search Bar and open “Control Panel”.
  • There, go to System and Security.

  • Click on Windows Defender Firewall Option.

  • Now on the most left panel click the “Advanced Settings”.

  • There you would find the top two rules;- Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.

  • The option would also contain other useful features in the below list. You can check those out as well.
  • Coming back to the top two options. The Inbound and Outbound rules are for terminating the connections.

Outbound Rules;-

They control the connections from the computer to the networks. For stopping the program or app from sharing information, you have to get a hold of Outbound Rules.

  1. Click on Outbound Rules.
  2. A list of rules would appear according to your computer.
  3. Click on the “Program” and then click “Next”.
  4. Click on “This Program Path”.
  5. Click on “Browse”.
  6. On a window, locate the .exe application file.
  7. Click next.
  8. Now that you would get the Action step. There choose “Block the connection”.

This would block all the connections.

Then click next. An option would come “When does this rule apply?” You would get three options for this. Domain, Private and Public. You got to choose all three of these options. All the connections would be blocked.
Choose the only “Public” option, if you want it to reach your internet but do not want it to access networks.

  • Then click next.
  • Write a short and a little description. Click finish.

All the programs would be blocked and their connections. Green ticks with the programs would show the allowed programs and red blocks would highlight the forbidden and blocked programs. You can block any program you want through all these steps.

Inbound Rules;-

Inbound Rules control the applications if you want to allow an outsider to access your application hosted on your network such as Apache running locally.

3rd Party Software;-

Most of the time firewall does not work well in Windows. Due to the non-availability of .exe executable file, opting for the program path becomes difficult. But through 3rd party software, it can be done easily.

COMODO Firewall

  1. Go to the official website of Firewall and install COMODO.
  2. Activate COMODO.
  3. Go to the start page.
  4. Click on the Firewall option.
  5. Then click Application rules.
  6. A list of applications would appear.
  7. Double click to choose the option you want.
  8. Options would give you the right to allow or block a program inner or outer.

Block Internet Access For Certain Applications in Mac

For macOS, despite containing a built-in firewall it does not apply to individual outgoing connection blockage.

Little Snitch or Radio Silence are excellent 3rd party apps for it.

  • Install 3rd party software.
  • Go to Firewall Settings.
  • Block the programs you want to block.

Block Internet Access For Certain Applications in Android

Go to setting, in Data Usage. Go in the connection and sharing option. Here you can automatically limit the internet sharing with the apps. It is available for both, sim cards and Wifi. Any app can be turned off the app from accessing the internet directly.

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