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How to Become an Ethical Hacker – Beginner’s Guide

I have shared few effective tips on How to Become an Ethical Hacker. All the tips and guide are purely based on my experience, knowledge and few suggestion by security experts. I have explained what you should know and learn to become an ethical hacker. 

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is someone who is trained with hacking skills not to hack but to secure the target by finding its weakness and reporting the vulnerability to security experts. An ethical hacker plays an important role in computer security by securing online applications, software and business databases. An ethical hacker has a legal license and rights to test application for vulnerabilities.

Learn Programming languages and Networking

Programming and Networking are the two most important things in Hacking and Security. Every application you use is programmed in particular programming language and with the help of networking it can be used online or shared computer network, Now if you want to hack an application so first of all you’ve to understand how it works and without knowing programming language you cannot understand its logic and so it becomes harder for you to find vulnerability in its logic.

Which are essential programming languages for Hackers

Networking is another essential topic in hacking and security. Networking is the major part of internet security. If you want to be a professional security expert or hacker then learning networking is very important because the whole internet relies on TCP/IP and In order to find vulnerabilities in web sites and applications you must need to understand the network logic.

Sources of learning Ethical Hacking For Free

Internet is the only best place to learn Ethical Hacking for free of cost. All you need is little Googling skill and patience to learn. There are countless Hacking and Pentesting blogs on internet where you can learn a lot about Hacking, Pentesting and Security. The another best way is watching video tutorials, Security Researcher’s vulnerability POCs, reading white papers and free online eBooks etc. I also suggest to join Hacking forums.

Create Virtual Penetration Testing lab

Creating virtual penetration testing lab in your computer is the best method to learn web application pentesting and hacking. A virtual pentesting lab is a real vulnerable application which can be used to explore, demonstrate common web vulnerabilities and its impact. Pentesting lab is widely used by Security Experts and newbies in hacking to learn new web vulnerabilities and how to discover them. I highly suggest you to use a pentesting lab to learn and hone your hacking skills.

Learn Kali Linux – Advance Penetration Testing OS

Kali Linux is an operating system especially made for hackers and penetration testers, It has hundreds of pre-installed Hacking tools, Automated scanners, fuzzing, forensics and other essential penetration testing tools. One must learn to operate Kali Linux and learn to use its tools. Kali Linux is the latest version of (BackTrack), It is one of the most popular and widely used by Hackers.

Create Penetration Testing lab in Kali Linux

Creating pentesting lab in Kali is the super best method to learn web hacking by using Kali’s tools, I highly recommend you to install pentesting lab in Kali Linux.

Get Professional Certifications

If you’re really serious about considering hacking and security as your career choice then you must get Penetration testing license, Ethical hacking and Security certificates.

Keep patience and be passionate about learning

So you want be a hacker? Good but its not easy you know. It takes years to become a professional ethical hacker or a security expert so be patient, nobody is born expert, start from scratch and be passionate about learning new things. Keep yourself inspired by reading inspirational Interviews of successful Hackers and Security researchers.

Every expert in anything was once a beginner and beginning is the hardest part.


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