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How To Become A Teen Hacker – Things to do!

The term “hacker” is glamorous and has been influenced a lot by popular media. In reality, a hacker is just a person looking for vulnerabilities that can be explored and exploited. Most real hackers hack systems out of curiosity and excitement, not for any personal gain. You can get a head start on a lot of hackers by learning as much as possible in your teen years

1:- Taking Classes:-

Sign up for computer science classes at school. Many high schools offer computer science programs that can teach you the basics of programming and networking. Taking these classes while they’re free to you can help a lot in the future, and give you a leg up in your personal studies. Talk to your counselor to see if there’s a computer science path you can take for your electives

2:- Check local community centers and community colleges for courses:-

Focus on operating systems and networking. You may be able to find many more programs than you would at your high school, but these will likely cost some money to take. These courses may offer you access to more highly-trained professionals than you would find at school.

3:- Join a computer science club at school:- 

This is a great way to meet like-minded people as well as potentially get more one-on-one time with the computer science teacher. If you don’t have a computer science club, consider forming one yourself. These things look good on college resumes as well, where you can learn a lot more about applied computer science.

4:- Take logic and critical thinking courses:- 

Hacking is more than just knowing programming languages. You have to be able to approach problems from unique angles and exploit vulnerabilities that the creator would never think of. Knowing how to apply creativity to attack problems can give you a big advantage

5:- Learn the ins and outs of major operating systems:-

Use your school’s computer labs to learn the layout and flow of as many operating systems as possible. To be a successful hacker, you’ll need to be comfortable working in Windows, Linux, and OS X. You should be able to perform any major function and find any location without having to think about it.

6:- Get familiar with command lines:-

A lot of time hacking is spent looking at a command line and typing commands. Get acquainted with the Windows Command Prompt and the Terminal for Linux and OS X.

7:- Learn how computer components work together:-

A lot of advanced hacking will occur at the hardware level as you interact with network cards, routers, and memory. Knowing the basics of how a computer works and how components connect to each other will help as you learn to take advantage of systems. See How to Build a Computer to get an understanding of how it all works together. You can gain a lot of basic computer knowledge from taking computer classes at school

8:- Learn the basics of networking:- 

Knowing how data is transferred over the internet is essential to being a successful hacker. Learn how the different layers of network models operate. This will teach you where data can be found and how to intercept and change it. See How to Understand Computer Networking for a rundown on network models and layers. Basic networking knowledge is critical for effective, high-level hacking.

  • You may be able to take classes on networking at your school or local community college.

9:-Read every book on hacking and computers that you can:-

Don’t just learn from your classes. You should be actively engaging in learning as much as possible. Pick up some old used books on hacking, or sign up for a quarterly publication. Any and all information that you can consume will help increase your hacking knowledge.

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