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How Old Is My Phone? 4 Easy Ways To Find Out!

You might like to learn how to estimate how old your phone is for various reasons. Whether you’re attempting to sell it, buy a used phone, or want to know how many years your phone has been alive, the good news is that you can find out how old it is for free. Well, that is why we have come.

We’ll show you how to tell “how old is my phone” is in this article. While this isn’t always easy (many manufacturers have ways of keeping track of things), there are a few ways to figure out how old is my phone.

Let’s start!

Four easy ways to find out “How old is my phone.”

While manufacturers often keep coming up with distinctive ways to display the manufacture date, regardless of the model or make of your phone, there are a few standard tools you can use to check this out. Moreover, here are a few examples:

1. The Purchase Box on Your Phone

The first place to look is in your phone’s box. The manufacturing date of each mobile phone often gets indicated on the packaging. Most of them use a white sticker to adhere to the back of the box. There may be a few words, symbols, or barcodes on the sticker. Moreover, The manufacturing date of your phone could get hidden someplace on the sticker.

While you’re there, double-check that the IMEI number entered on the box matches the one in your phone’s settings. If the two aren’t the same, there’s a chance the box isn’t the one that came with your phone, and thus the manufacture date is erroneous.

2. Settings

Some phones display the production date in the settings app. This information receives typically found in the “About Phone” category in the settings menu. The manufacturer may not make a date evident in some situations, and you may have to utilize a formula to figure out when your phone was produced.

3. Applications

Developers have created apps that can look through your phone’s data or utilize the IMEI number to search web sources and tell you precisely about your phone. They are manufacturer-specific because these applications are frequently created with the manufacturer. Furthermore, To access the data, you only need to download and install the application.

4. Code for Manufacturing

If you know your phone’s manufacturing code, you might be able to figure out when it got made. Call one of the following numbers on your phone’s dial pad to find out:

*#manufacturingcode#* or *#*#manufacturingcode#*#*#*

Once you’ve input the code, a service menu should open, displaying crucial information about your phone, such as its model, as well as the date and country of production.

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How old is my iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, the manufacturing date is encoded in the phone’s serial number. Similarly, here’s a quick rundown of the coding scheme:

The third digit in the serial number represents the year. For instance, eight denotes 2008, 9 denotes 2009, 1 denotes 20111, and 2 denotes 2012.

The fourth and fifth serial numbers indicate the same week of iPhone creation.

To find out what your iPhone’s serial number is, go to Settings > General > About iPhone.

  1. Go to the Settings on your phone. How-old-is-my-iPhone-hacktoday
  2. Select “About” from the “General” menu. How-old-is-my-iPhone-hacktodayHow-old-is-my-iPhone-hacktoday

Surprisingly, an iPhone gives you even more options for determining the date of manufacture. Chipmunks, a Dutch website, provides a platform where you may check the details of your phone for free. This is what you must do:

  1. Using the web browser on your iPhone, go to the Chipmunk website. You can do this on a PC or a Mac as well.
  2. In the input field, type the serial number of your phone.
  3. Click “Laat de informative,” which means “Provide Information” in Dutch. This should display your phone’s production date, among other things.
  4. Alternatively, you could use Apple’s “Check Coverage” website to see if your device is covered.

Alternatively, you could use Apple’s “Check Coverage” website to see if your device is covered. Although the platform was designed to assist iPhone owners in viewing their warranty status, once you’ve entered the serial number, your device’s manufacturing date also appears.

How to Determine the Age of Your Google Phone?

Google phones aren’t as well-known as some other smartphone companies today, owing to their late entry into the market. The good news is that when it comes to the production date, Google phones appear to follow the traditional script. Additionally, here’s how to figure out when your phone got manufactured:

  1. Go to the Settings on your phone. google-phone-hacktoday
  2. Select “General”.google-phone-hacktoday
  3. Choose “About”.google-phone-hacktoday

How to Determine Whether or Not Your Old Phone Is Unlocked?

An unlocked phone, you can use it with several service providers’ sim cards. This is useful when planning a trip to a new nation. Your phone should accept a sim card from almost any network once it has unlocked.

Furthermore, to see if you have an unlocked iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on “Mobile Data” in your phone’s settings. unlocked-phone-hacktoday
  2. “Mobile Data option” will appear in the Mobile Data menu in case of an unlocked phone. unlocked-phone-hacktoday
  3. You won’t see the “Mobile Data option” in the Mobile Data menu if your phone is locked.


How Do You Know how old is this phone?

Contact your network provider to find out how long you’ve had your current phone. They’ll have a complete record of everything you’ve done.

How to know Your Old Phone Is Unlocked?

There is a reliable way to determine whether or not your phone got locked. Therefore, Remove your current sim card and replace it with a different carrier’s sim card. Your phone got unlocked if you can make a call with the new sim card. Your phone is most likely locked to the first carrier if it isn’t.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Find My Old Phone Number?

If your old phone is still in good working order, perform these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings on your phone.
  2. Select “About Phone” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on “Status.”
  4. After that, select “My phone number” from the drop-down menu.
  5. You can also contact a friend or family member for help or look through your tax records.


In conclusion, knowing how old your phone is will assist you in making an informed decision about your next buy. It can also help you determine your phone’s security against the most recent cybersecurity threats. With the information in our post, you can now verify the age of your gadget right away.

Let us know in the comment sections below. Good Luck!

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