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How Long Does a Timer Last on Snapchat? Is Your Streak About To End?

Snapchat has a lot of strange icons, some of which are so random that it’s hard to figure out why they’re there. If you’re a dedicated Snapchat user, however, you should be aware of the significance of these icons. They help transmit essential information about your Snapchat usage, particularly your Snapstreak.

One such sign that provides information about your Snapchat activity is the Hourglass icon. So there you have it: all you need to learn about the Hourglass symbol, including how long does a timer last on Snapchat.

What does Snapchat Hourglass Emoji mean?

The hourglass symbol signifies that your streak with a buddy is about to end. As a result, it acts as a subtle reminder to users who are already on a Snapstreak with a partner that their streak is about to end. This encourages users to interact for the streak to continue.


There are no textual discussions in Snapstreaks because they are dependent only on how many snapshots a person provides. If you do nothing, a warning will show next to your profile and the profile of anybody with someone you have a streak, telling you that your streak will end shortly if you do nothing.

How long does a streak timer last on Snapchat?

The Snapchat hourglass icon typically comes after 20 hours of your streak, and then it only lasts four hours. If you’ve provided a photo, the hourglass indicator will still show, signaling that the other person must also send a photo to make the hourglass vanish.


According to several Reddit forums, there is no consensus on when the hourglass first appears. Some say 20 hours exactly, while others say 20 hours plus or minus a few hours.

How long does a timer last on Snapchat?

This is a difficult one that is unique to each individual. You might, for example, miss the first three hours and twenty minutes of the hourglass, leaving you with only 20 minutes to send a snap. Or, much worse, 3 hours 59 minutes!

There’s no way to know, so if you see the hourglass, send a snap to your friend as soon as possible.

Some claim to have timed their last Snap and found it longer than the 24-hour restriction. Maybe there is a built-in buffer period to provide for an extra, say, 30 minutes to send snap-in cases like this, where the user doesn’t see the hourglass till the last minute.

On Snapchat, Here Are Some Ways to Avoid the Hourglass Emoji

Because we don’t know how long the hourglass will last, we can figure out how to prevent the hourglass from appearing. In essence, Snapchat needs you and the other person in the streak to exchange at least one Snap. At the end of 20 hours, a warning hourglass emerges.

The following pointers can assist you in avoiding being concerned about the Snapchat hourglass time limit:

1. Instead of chatting, use Snap

By delivering a Snap instead of a text message, you can avoid the Snapchat streak timer or hourglass icon. Your Snapchat streak continues, the other person is driven to act, and you make your point.

The next time you need to communicate with a particular friend, instead of texting or direct messaging them, snap it.

2. Take a fresh snap in the morning

Sending a ‘Hello and have a great Morning’ snap as soon as you wake up is another strategy to get over Snapchat’s hourglass time limit. This avoids the continual worry of running out of time and having to wait until the next day to send a Snapchat photo.

Sending one Snap should be part of your morning routine. As a result, one Snap is always exchanged every 24 hours, maintaining the Snapchat streak timer hidden.

3. Make A Snapstreak Shortcut For Your Friends

Sometimes a snap is required to keep the streak going, but we miss it before we can send it. Snapchat Shortcuts, thankfully, can assist. It serves as a reminder to those prone to forget that they have not acted sooner.

You can save it to your phone’s home screen and have it appear whenever you unlock it.

Lost Snap Streak? Here is what you can do

Even though you fought hard to keep them going, snap streaks often disappear forever due to differences. This is a rare occurrence, but it is more likely that one of you will miss a month-long streak owing to prior obligations, such as a test or an emergency.

Your Snapstreak may have been deleted even though both you and your pal sent snaps owing to an app problem. Here’s how to make it right:

  1. Go to the Snapchat Support page.
  2. Choose “I lost my snap streak” from the drop-down menu. Lost-Snap-Streak-hacktoday
  3. Make sure you’ve filled out all of the required fields.
  4. Hit send.

After completing this, you’ll need to wait for Support to respond and assist you with your problem. Once you hear back from Snapchat, you will be informed of the rules for maintaining your Snap Streak.

You can contact Support to get your fire trophy back as long as you and the other contact are satisfied in following all of the rules for keeping the streak alive.


What is the time limit for a Snapchat Streak?

You and your friends must Snap each other at least once every 24 hours to keep a Snapstreak going.

How long does a timer on Snapchat last?

The Snapchat hourglass icon typically comes after 20 hours of your streak, and then it only lasts four hours. If you’ve provided a photo, the hourglass indicator will still show, signaling that the other person must also send a photo to make the hourglass vanish.


We hope you got the answer to “How long does a timer last on Snapchat”. If you don’t see the hourglass right away, you might only have a few hours remaining to continue the streak. Make sure to inform your friend as soon as possible and exchange snaps.

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