Here’s How Hackers Hack Email’s and Stole Millions

” Hacker’s were able to got away with stealing millions by just intercepting email exchange between two parties, At the time to transaction they were able to fool the sender to send transaction to hacker’s bank account located in Malaysia. “

Scammers are getting away with millions of ringgit by hacking emails and intercepting email exchanges, they fool the victim into sending money to bank accounts instead of those belonging to rightful recipients.


A businessman from a neighboring country lost RM40,000 to a cyber criminal after his e-mail was hacked.

He said, he didn’t detect any activity neither my friend saw anything strange.

“Installment was made to a Malaysian bank as educated in the email. Be that as it may, the record points of interest were not the same as what my companion had sent. He called me on Aug 10, inquiring as to whether I could investigate it since I live here,” he said.

When he found out about the hack and the address belongs to someone’s house in  Klang in Malaysian bank. He tried to lodge a police report, but police refused to do it remotely and told them to fly over to Malaysia to ledge a report himself.

” He’s advising everyone that emails are not secure, he’s referring to this incident happened to his friend. “

Hacking Emails on rise for past few years, according to Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) and CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM).

He said the hacker intercepts an e-mail exchange between two parties, usually when a payment is about to be made.

How did hacker got away with it?

He told us hacker somehow able to intercept an email exchange between two parties, Literally when the payment were about to be made.

Suppose ‘A‘ has to made a payment to ‘B‘ and ‘H‘ is the hacker between them, when the payment were about to made ‘H‘ which is a hacker made a very similar email address or domain name to communicate with ‘A‘.

He was then being fooled into paying ‘H‘ money instead paying to ‘B

They managed to fool these two parties and it turn out that these hackers maybe Nigerians who abused visas which enabling them to stay or study in Malaysia.


He Said, ” Double check the bank account number with the recipient who they are sending the transaction. “



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