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History of Hacking: 10 Best Hackers From The Past And What Happened To Them

History of Hacking: The historical backdrop of hacking does a reversal to 1960s when early programmers used to hack into the robotized electronic phone framework into giving free calls and unapproved access. Until the 1980s, a progression of programmers started developing out with their DIY gadgets frequently named as blue boxes to copy a telephone organization flagging tones and make free phone calls.

Underneath we are giving you a rundown of 10 best programmers from the past and what their destinies treated them. The main 10 list initially showed up on Motherboard:


(History of Hacking ) 10 Best hackers from the past.

1. Kevin Mitnick:

History of Hacking:

Additionally known by his popular name Condor, he met kindred programmers in his initial days at Hollywood Pizza Parlor. The individual who started with making trick rings finished breaking into Bell’s telephone focus utilizing John Draper’s name. His genuine inconvenience started when he was captured for hacking into a group of early PC systems including Arpanet.

At present, he is a noteworthy PC security master, running Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC and expounding on his time on the keep running from the law.


2. Brad Carter:

Popular with his well known handle RedBoxChiliPepper, Brad Carter was the pioneer of ‘Telephone Losers of America’, a gathering established in 1990’s. His association taught individuals how to enter mystery codes on pay telephones, hack fast-food drive-throughs and so on.

He is as yet finding the extortion cases. He is especially dynamic on the online networking. You can discover him online also.


3. Mark Abene:

History of Hacking:

Otherwise called Phiber Optik, Mark Abene was one of the best programmers of his time. Before coming into the field of hacking, he invested hours learning about the information transfers system. In the long run, he was fruitful in breaking early modem lines.

He turned into an acclaimed individual from a pack of phone programmers known as the Masters of Deception and made capable adversaries at AT&T. He was captured in 1991, when PC security laws were still fluffy, and turned into an early saint in the programmer world amid his legitimate tribulations. Presently, he fills in as system security experts.


4. Faser Lucey:

Faser Lucey got renowned for something truly odd. He utilized his blue box to make associations and companionships with individuals whose telephones he’d arbitrarily call over the world. He is verging on difficult to discover nowadays.


5. Richard Kashdan:

History of Hacking:

Otherwise called Mark Bernay, Richard was one of the best programmers from the prior times and a pioneer in the pre-web punch card PC hacking. He manufactured his own blue boxes; he set up his own particular switchboard and mechanical exploration lab, and he additionally welcomed individuals the nation over to hear peculiar tape recordings.

Right now, he runs phonetrips.com, a spot for individuals to find out about telephone hacking.


6. Kevin Poulsen:

History of Hacking:

Otherwise called Dark Dante, Kevin Poulsen got to be renowned subsequent to hacking into a phone organization switches and winning a Porsche by making himself 102nd brought in a Los Angeles radio station giveaway.Later he was gotten by FBI and served his term in a correctional facility. As of now, he is a profoundly persuasive tech author. He composes for Wired and is likewise the fellow benefactor of an online journal named

Later he was gotten by FBI and served his term in a prison. At present, he is an exceedingly compelling tech author. He composes for Wired and is additionally the prime supporter of a website named Threat level Blog at wired.


7. Patrick K.Kroupa:

History of Hacking:

Otherwise called master computerized, Patrick was one of the best programmers from the past. He utilized his hacking information to end up a conspicuous individual from an unbelievable programmer bunch called the Legion of Doom and profited until in the 90s through website market.Where is Patrick now? Patrick got snared

Where is Patrick now? Patrick got snared to heroin in 90’s, call it to a considerable measure of cash. Later, he additionally turned into an evangelist who lectures about the medication misuse.


8. Joe Engressia:

A 7-year-old kid who inadvertently made sense of how to shriek a tone to disturb a telephone call. This examination turned into a gathering trap and later a wonder.

Later, he appointed himself as a priest in his independent ‘Church of Eternal Childhood’ and lived off standardized savings checks. Presently he is dead.


9. Steve Wozniak:

History of Hacking:

In the event that you are an Apple fan, then you should know about this name ‘Steve Wozniak’. Yes, he is the fellow benefactor of a standout amongst the most inventive organization on this planet – Apple. Steve Wozniak got well known as a result of his blue boxes which were utilized to hack into the AT&T phone system and make free calls.

Steve Wozniak needs no clarification about what is he doing now.


10. John Draper:

History of Hacking:

John Draper is viewed as one of the 10 best programmers from the past. John Draper was otherwise called Captain Crunch for a conspicuous reason of hacking utilizing cap’n crunch boxes. He even hacked IBM’s first word-processor for which he needed to notice the quality of the jail.

John Draper, one of the best programmers, not at all like what we can consider, is could be better a direct result of some poor business choices. Some say, he truly asks for his living at the same time, on account of his supporters who are running a ‘Sparing Captain Crunch’ crusade to reserve his livings. Despite everything he gets a few gifts through his online journal.

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