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Hijack Sessions using Hamster SideJacking Kali Linux

Hijack Sessions using Hamster SideJack in Kali Linux

Hamster Sidejack

Hamster is a tool or “sidejacking”. It acts as a proxy server that replaces your cookies with session cookies stolen from somebody else, allowing you to hijack their sessions. Cookies are sniffed using the Ferret program. You need a copy of that as well.


A sidejacking tool.
                                                   video is embed in last of this artical  

How to use Hamster Sidejack:-

  1. You need to run ettercap for capturing packets and also have to configure it .
    start ettercap
    then go to sniff => Undifined sniff. => select your interface
  2. Now go to Hosts then scan for hosts and then Hosts list  and then Add hosts targets2
  3. Then go to Mitm option and select  Arp poisoning  and then sniff remote connections.6
  4. Then start. 
  5. Now you need to run hamster go to terminal
    Type “hemster
  6. After All that need to configure our browser so go to browser settings and set your manual proxy
    to “” and port is “1234”.
  7. Now in address bar you need to type “″ click on adapter and select yor interface
  8. And now you get all browsing etc  in your browser and in terminal.




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