Hacking Get You Banned in Pokemon Go?

Today, we’re going to talk about hacking get you banned in Pokemon go whether you’ll get bad for it or if you can hack and get away with it. This things we’re going to discuss about will hacking get you banned in ” Pokemon Go? ” the most popular hacked by far is location spoofing and I’m sure most of you know what spoofing is but basically you can just teleport your location but basically you can just keep teleporting your location so you can be in the United States and one second then go to Canada and then back to the United States and you can pretty much just keep teleporting wherever you want to go and like i said this is definitely the most popular hack by far and along with location spoofing a lot of people also do tap to walk and that is pretty much you can tap where you want to go or sometimes there is d-pad or joystick.

Hacking Get You Banned in Pokemon Go?

Basically you can travel wherever you want and you can walk without physically moving and these two things in combination are most popular hacks hundreds of thousands of people do these and to my concern not a lot of people do even get banned for this.


Let me just explain myself so I know a lot of people who play Pokemon go are rather young so let’s say 12 years old just to start with if you’re 12 then you can’t drive the odds are your friends can drive so if you want to go anywhere to hunt you either have to walk a pretty good distance or you have to have one of your parents or friends parents drive you somewhere and more times than not your parents don’t want to keep driving you so you can Pokemon.

So, a lot of people just hack because they physically can’t go anywhere and the other justified reason to hack is because some people don’t have phones or data i know some people just have tablets or like ipod touches so they have to like use ahead just to be able to play the game and again I know these aren’t completely justified reasons but if you’re hacking and you fall into one of these categories.

It is a big justified but not really and the rest of the hacks i will be talking about aren’t as big but they’re still being introduced to the game and I’m sure as time progresses we will be seeing more hacks but for now I’m just going to say all the hacks that i know of so the next hack is like the idea hack I’m not sure if I’m saying that right but it is this hack rate here and basically you can filter this to the best Pokemon you can filter it to highest CP rarity and you can filter it by name.

So in other words you can just keep changing the categories and finding the best guys for you and i know we talked about tap the walk earlier on in the video but there was also a hat called patrol mode and this basically is auto walk so it keep walking you in a circle so you can leave this on when you go to bed you can leave it on when you’re doing whatever and it pretty much just automatically hatches eggs for you another hack which is kind of becoming more popular it just kind of returns you back to your home so you can click the home icon and it just kind of brings you back to where you started and now moving on to like the last major hack this is like a map so if any of you guys ever used pokey vision.

Well this map pack is pretty similar it’ll pull up like a 2d map of your town it will tell you all the guys in your area and all you have to do is tap on one of those guys it will teleport you straight to him and all those are all the main hacks for Pokemon go but i do know people are beginning to bots and I’m pretty sure you can bond in a country level 10 in just an hour or so and i know a lot of people just 52 a high level so they look really good and again to my concern not a lot of people get banned for this but i will be talking about the whole band situation near the end of the video and that wraps up all the hacks i know for Pokemon go and i have heard some rumors about hacks we can automatically catch guys,

it heard about hacks for you have unlimited pokeballs and I’ve even heard some people talk about hacks where you can change the guys in your area and we don’t have any proof of those so sorry about that but those were just some rumors and for anyone who’s curious on how hacks can be affecting other people if you’re on YouTube and you’re searching Pokemon Go hack there are hundreds of tutorials on how to hack the game and if you’re on twitch all the top streamers of Pokemon Go our location zand hackers and this does kind of Steel views and money away from bigger streamers but it’s not a significant amount and now moving on to the thing all of you guys wanted to know about can you get bad for hacking and the simple answer is yes but it’s very rare.

So, let me just explain it not a lot of people have been bad in this game and the people who have got banned they said they were spoofing all over the world they were smoothing two different cities states countries and when they were spoofing they were taking over a whole bunch of Jim’s so if you’re teleporting all over the place taking over Jim’s taking over Jim’s in different countries etc you guys get the point that you’re a pretty high risk of getting banned.

However, if you’re just occasionally changing your location and catching guys then I think you’re at a much lower risk and again the only people who have claimed he got bad are these big people who are teleporting all over the world and as far as body goes a lot of people don’t actually get banned for botting account i have heard some people say they did get banned but that was because they bought it 24-7 for a decent amount of time.

But if you’re just biding occasionally then honestly you probably won’t face any major consequences and the funniest thing about all these fans as they aren’t permanent ban ads they are only temporary bad so even if you do get caught cheating you still get another shot so in conclusion the only way you’ll actually get banned as if you’re either like body 24/7 or your teleporting all over the world and being an idiot so just be safe if you’re cheating and don’t get bad but keep in mind even if you do get caught no major consequences will happen I’ve already stated my but I don’t recommend cheating if you can go out with your friends i highly recommend that but if you fall into the two categories i mentioned earlier on in this video that I guess you have a bit more leeway but still try to play fair.

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