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Hacking a Linux System is So Easy, A Kid Could Do it!

Hacking into most Linux systems is as simple as pressing the backspace key 28 times, a new cybersecurity report warns.

If you still use one of these Linux distributions, you may want to make sure that you aren’t keeping sensitive information saved anywhere on your computer – it may be at risk of being hacked by even the most novice cyber criminals. According to a report from PC World, security researchers have found a flaw so glaring that the only thing someone needs to do to log into a system is hit the backspace key 28 times.

Let us repeat that – instead of typing in a password, someone can gain access to a Linux system just by hitting the “delete” button. A team of researchers from the Cybersecurity Group at Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain discovered that tapping the backspace key 28 times for builds that use the common Grub2 bootloader, which is nearly every one, instantly bypasses the computer’s lock screen.

From that point, it initiates the “Grub rescue shell,” allowing the user to access the system without ever having to type in the password that was originally set. GRUB stands for Grand Univied Bootloader, and allows for the setup of multiple operating systems on a single machine.

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