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Hackers Are Planning On Ruining Chirstmas For Gamers Again

Every console gamer who loves online multiplayer will remember the Christmas of 2014 where they weren’t able to boot up their new games after hackers went on a DDoS rampage on the Microsoft and PSN servers. Last year it was the group Lizard Squad who took credit for the attacks, this year Phantom Squad is looking to induce some déjà vu.

The hackers took to Twitter to announce their threats. “No. PSN and Xbox don’t use that money to improve their security. So until they open their eyes Xbox Live and PSN will remain vulnerable.”

After making the threats the Twitter account was suspended, the hackers rebutted by divulging their intentions of escalate their plans.

Gamers themselves don’t have much to worry about though, these hackers are planning a ‘simple’ DDoS attack. DDoS is short for ‘distributed denial-of-service’, it works by flooding a servers bandwidth with a ton of traffic causing the internet connection to clog up to the point of being unusable. If Sony and Microsoft don’t have security good enough to filter out the spam then their online services will just shut down temporarily. Users will not have to worry about their accounts or private information being targeted, they will have to just wait it out until their servers are back online.

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