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Hackers Announce Terrible Predictions Trends in 2016

Security experts from Symantec considers that this time the hacker has the ability and the resources that are adequate to launch an attack with high success rate to consumers, corporations and governments around the world.

These efforts have changed the cyber crime is becoming big business with large-scale theft of personal information. This year, the Symantec Intelligence team to see that consumer confidence shaken by a number of violations that exposing the identity of millions of people.


So, what will happen in 2016 in the world of IT? 

Here are 5 Prediction Hacker Attack Trends Terrible in 2016, according to Symantec security experts we quoted from Liputan6.com:

The Urgent Need for Improvement

Because more and more consumers buy smartwatch, activity tracker, holographic headset, and the Internet of Things (IOT) others, the need to increase the security on these devices will become increasingly urgent.
Based on Gartner’s report entitled Agenda Overview for the Internet of Things, approaching the year 2020, 30 billion devices connected to be used in a variety of industries and IOT will touch each role within the company.
There is no doubt that the market for devices that are compatible with the Internet of Things is growing, but is still highly fragmented, with a great diversity in the hardware platform and operating system low cost.

Attack on Apple Devices Rises

According to IDC, the company Apple is now accounted for 13.5 percent of global smartphone shipments and 7.5 percent of global PC shipments.
Increased use of getting attention from attackers. An increase in the number of actors attackers have begun to develop specific malware designed to infect devices running on Mac OS X or Ios.
Although the number of threats targeting Apple’s operating system is still quite low when compared to Windows on the desktop and Android mobile phones, the number of threats which revealed growing steadily in recent years.
Along with this, the malware infection rate associated with Apple have soared, especially in the last 18 months.

Ransomware and Malware Will battle heats up

First appeared in countries that speak Russian, ransom-ware has grown and spread to Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. Very likely that some of these groups were responsible for the original ransom-ware is a part of this expansion, but other criminal groups were also involved.
It seems clear that fraud is lucrative for criminals and there is a tendency to increase. There is a possibility ransom-ware groups would conflict with more traditional malware spreaders in 2016. Ransom-ware infections are open and clear, while the majority of other malware infections covered and unconscious.
The presence of ransomware on the computer will usually ask the computer’s owner to clean your computer thoroughly, removing any malware. When ransomware may have been installed by a separate piece of malware, other malware will be removed, cut the malware operator business model.

The attack on Critical Infrastructure Risk Increases

Motivation of attack critical infrastructure is politics and crime, with countries and political organizations run campaigns cyber war, and criminals who attack for profit or ransom.
IOT industry becomes more connected because the requirements and demands for reporting and increased functionality through connectivity with additional services.
These changes introduce a larger attack surface to a more traditional hardware to secure the environment.

Encryption needs Rises

Encryption is quickly becoming the mantra in the technology industry worldwide. With so much communication and interaction between people and the system is going through an insecure network such as the Internet and vulnerable, strong encryption for data in transit has been well recognized for some time and are generally applied.
Unfortunately, many devices and new applications have poor implementation, causing vulnerability that allows an attacker who focus on getting access to communications.
For example, mobile devices have become the center of most people’s lives for the sake of communication, data storage and general technology interaction.This is a high-value targets for cyber criminals, who want to exploit it..

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