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Hacker Steal $ 150,000 Through Hacking Airline Websites

Young Hacker Steal $15,000 Through Hacking Airline Website and sell fake Tickets, This is done by Teenager aged 18-19 years old and managed to get about 1million yuan by the action hacking to the official website of the airline and booking tickets steal information to defraud hundreds of passengers. 
Teen, identified as Zhang from Heilongjiang, northeast China, hacked into Chinese airline website and downloading 1.6 million passenger ticket booking details details, including:

Flight detail 



ID card number 


Email address 


Mobile phone number


Zhang then use this information to defraud hundreds of customers by assuring them that there was some problem with the flight booking them, and they must pay an additional fee and it was successful, according to THN. 
In addition to the hacking action caused the airline lost nearly 80,000 yuan ($ 12.365 USD) as a result of customers asking for refunds.
This incident took place from July 31 to August 20 this year, and the suspect was arrested by police in November in Dalian, northern China.
A police officer said that the hacking was not very sophisticated and only the result of a gap in the airline computer system. However, the airline’s name has not been disclosed until now

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