Hacker Jailbreaks iPhone 7 on Latest iOS 10

In 2007, George Hotz (Geohot), an American hacker jailbreak the first iPhone. He focused on removing carrier restrictions from the iPhone by jail-breaking it.

Now couple of weeks passed since the release of a new Apple iPhone 7 and iOS 10. A Hacker known as qwertyoruiop, he managed to jailbreak iOS 10 on iPhone 7 within just 24 hours and also he tweeted about that showing evidence of that jailbreak. However, he won’t be able to disclosing that jailbreak process until Apple fully release the relevant patches.

He was successful having root privilege in iPhone 7 which using latest iOS 10. He exploit through some bugs and vulnerabilities, he reveled that he was successful jail-breaking that iPhone 7 within 24 hours till the release of iPhone 7.


Todesco won’t be reveling this vulnerability until Apple launched bug bounty program. He’s planning to submit this vulnerability until iOS 10 bug bounty program started.

And he’s the first person reporting this jailbreak vulnerability in iOS 10 reveling through twitter. but their might be chance some people might have done that already and they haven’t released there findings. And he’s not the first in finding vulnerabilities in iOS versions but he’s a trusted in bug bounty hunter community.

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