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Hacker attack against dating, published data of 32 million adulterers

Ashley Madison, portal for appointments dedicated to married people with operations in Italy, was hacked by a group called Impact Team.Besides the names of the members they were released even email addresses and their sexual fantasies. For the amount of data “stolen” this is one of the most impressive ever made attacks

THERE ARE 32 million men, now cold sweat: the whole world can know that they intended to betray his partner on the dating site Ashley Madison, dedicated to adulterers and active in our country.

Their data are in fact finished online, public, in what is one of the hottest episodes of privacy violated on the Internet. A group of hackers calling itself Impact Team, has kept the promise today: to publish the data that was stolen last month from the servers of Ashley Madison , approximately 32 million people (about 37 million who have registered with the site) .

They have 9.7 GB of data, available on the dark web (area of Internet accessible only with encryption software, but anyone can do it).

And you can find everything: names, email addresses, even sexual fantasies users. One of Ottawa (Canada) had confessed, on your user profile, you want to find someone who “receive me at the door with a surprise: lingerie or nudity” and then continues with his wishes more motivated.

Around 15 thousand mails belong to public authorities, but it is possible that at least some are fake (by the way, is that the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair). Some are not bogus data credit card and related personal data. It also turns out that as many as 90-95% of users are men, and many profiles of women “adulterers” are bogus.

“There is a possibility that your man has joined the largest site of treachery in the world but has never managed to put into practice one. He only tried. Granted that this difference accounts,” said Impact team in a note published together with the data stolen.

Yes, there is a moralistic tone in the words of Impact Team and this is the stated reason of the attack on the server Avid Life Media Inc. which owns the platform Ashley Madison (whose philosophy is “Life is short.

Have an affair “, ie,” Life is short, made ​​a little story “). Impact Team Avid Media accusation but also of violating the privacy of its users. Ashley Madison asks in fact $ 19 for the user to be deleted from the platform, but then it seems that it continues to keep data.

The attackers, after the theft last month, had threatened to publish all if Impact Media had not extinguished forever Ashley Madison and sister site Established Men. The company has not really taken care of and hackers have put into practice the threats. Avid Media then replicated disavowing the moralistic intent of the attackers . He wrote that this is not an act of “hacktivism” (hacker activism), but criminal. He instructed the authorities to find the perpetrators, but also calls for everyone’s help to identify them.

It is not the first time a site seemingly safe containing data very reserved, undergoes this treatment. In May it had happened to three million users of Adult Friend Finder. In 2014, the British retail chain Carphone Warehouse, for 2.4 million people. What happened to Ashley Madison is remarkable however, for various reasons.

First, to the amount of data (perhaps second only to the hack of Cupid Media in 2013, where, however, to be published were 42 million passwords and personal data of the users).


And because Avid Media had put in place sound security measures to protect user data, encrypting (as opposed to what they had done and Carphone Cupid Media).

You do not know how yet, but Impact Media has managed to circumvent this measure of safety.

The episode shows how behind the online outlets that concentrate data there are unprecedented threats to our privacy. And that does not even enough to protect it with appropriate security systems. On the other hand, we know that a theft of this magnitude can knock the company that suffers. It is expected that in the short coming months will mature security practices in data protection (encryption adopted by Ashley Madison is already a step forward in this regard). We must see if this will succeed in discouraging the hacker world.

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