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Hack Windows 10 Password on Computer with Secure Boot

Hack Windows 10 Password: To bypass this you need to remove your hard drive and connect it to another computer. I use a USB dock to do this, using a USB docking station allows you direct access to hard drives and gives you plug-and-play functionality.

You will need a computer with Linux installed, preferably Kali Linux as this comes the packages pre-installed. If you are using a different distro(if you are not sure what a distro is have a look at our Introduction to Linux)

I used a Virtual Machine and attached the hard drive to it and then booted to Kali Linux.

Once you have booted up the Linux VM you will need to open a terminal.

Hack Windows 10 Password:

Then navigate to the Media folder by typing the command:

  • cd /Media

Then run the ls command to see what drives you have attached. Identify which drive is your windows c: drive.
Change the working directory to the c:/windows/system32/config by running the command:

  • cd Windows/System32/config

Once in the directory, you will need to make sure that the SAM database is in this folder. To do that run the command:

  • ls -l SAM*

Now you will need to view what users are in the SAM database you do that by running the command:

  • chntpw -l SAM

Now you want to reset the password for the Administrator user and also enable the user by running the command

  • chntpw -u Administrator SAM

Then select option 1 to clear the password

Run the command again

  • chntpw – Administrator SAM

And select option 4 to enable the account

Now install the hard drive in the original computer and boot to Windows. If you had a secure boot on your computer you will need to make sure that it is still enabled in BIOS.

You should now be able to log in as the built-in Administrator account, then you just need to reset the original user account password.

To do this open run a command prompt as administrator and type the command(make sure to replace with your username:

  • net user *

Now log out of the administrator user and log in as your user, using the password that you have just set.

Now run a command prompt as administrator and type the command:

  • net user administrator /active:no

Now you’re done! And password has been reset.

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