Hack Pokemon Go using Tutuapp (No Jailbreak or Computer Needed)

Hack Pokemon Go: PokemonGoAnywhere was created for the iPhone and iPad with Jailbreak . It allows players to click on the map and move in Pokémon GO without walking in real life. After this, many developers have released other versions of this and now can apply this function without Jailbreak . However, many people do not have a Mac, not program or are not willing to trust a developer as iPAStore. But, as we said, it will not be the problem.You can install PokemonGoAnywhere without Jailbreak or a computer, using Tutuapp.

Tutu is an application that can download cracked apps for iOS, although we recommend its use for that very reason. Make an exception and let ‘s see how to install the cracked version of Pokémon GO.

Hack Pokemon Go

Installing Tutuapp and download PokemonGoAnywhere

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device
  2. Go to the web tutuapp.com and click the green button to Download
  3. Before opening go to Settings> General> ProfileHack Pokemon
  4. Select or Open the Application which you just Installed.
  5. Click the Button ( When you open the app you will see two icons Pokémon GO, click on either of the two )
  6. Click the green button that floats when you do scroll on the screen to install

After this, again repeat steps 3 to 5 with Pokémon GO app. Once this is done, open the app Pokémon GO with the new “Click on the map to walk” function. Finally, before logearte you must enter your coordinates.

Hack Pokemon


We do not recommend using this app to hack more applications will run as certain risks regarding the security of your data and your iPhone or iPad.

Banishment! Banishment!

Do not forget that Niantic is by banning all users who use GPS Fake , so be careful when using these tricks. The only thing that the company does not tolerate is that no exercise is done by using this app, so they are very aware of this fact.


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