Google Pixel Tips And Tricks: Brighten Your Display by Up to 20%

The Pixel XL supposedly utilizes the same exact display as the Galaxy S7 Edge, yet as per third-party testing, Samsung’s flagship gets more than 10% brighter than Google’s. The same can be said of the customary Pixel, which tops out just shy of its bigger brother’s brightness rating.

With a similar hardware, it doesn’t make much sense that the Google Pixel’s screen wouldn’t get just as bright. It’s conceivable that Google is misleadingly constraining the brilliance for battery life, as they’ve allegedly underclocked the processor for similar reasons. We connected with Google for elucidation on the matter, however still can’t seem to get a reaction.

What are Requirements!

  • Rooted Pixel or Pixel XL
  • ElementalX kernel installed

Install High Brightness Mode Widget

The first thing you’ll need to do here is to install an application called: High Brightness Mode Widget As long as you’ve ElementalX kernel installed on your Pixel or Pixel XL phone.

Add the Widget to Your Home Screen

After installation, you need to add a widget to your home screen, and then after that, it will ask you to allow root access, so you need to tap on “Grant” on that popup window which will appear after.

Make Your Screen 20% Brighter in One Tap

With the widget added to your home screen, you can just tap it at any time, and your screen’s brightness will instantly increase by about twenty percent. Then, if you’re worried about losing the extra battery, you can tap it again to toggle High Brightness Mode off, and everything will go back to normal.

From there, if you double-tap the widget, you’ll enter “Automatic Mode.” This will keep your screen brightness stock for the most part, but when you’re outside in full sunlight, High Brightness Mode will automatically kick in to make things easier to see. Then, when you go back inside, HBR will turn back off, so it’s a great way to manage your screen brightness.

High Brightness Mode Widget set to "Automatic."
High Brightness Mode Widget set to “Automatic.”

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