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Google Has Paid $6 Million to its Security Researchers!

Google Announced about Bug Bounty Program and has Paid over $6 Million since launching its bug bounty program started in 2010. In Past Google Paid more than 300 Different Security Researchers about $2 Million for Finding Bugs and Exploits in Google Products.

Google Paying Individuals Hackers Groups for motivating them for finding flaws, but to disclose them properly when they do, instead of using them maliciously or selling them to parties that will Google Bug Bounty Program has been growing since its inception.


Google Keeps Paying them on Bug Bounty and fixed more bugs every year since its debut.

Indeed, In January 2015, Google Expanded the scope to include its Android and iSO Mobile Apps and began offering security grants Google Security Rewards for Android Devices has Already Paid more than $200k to researchers for their work and including company largest single Payment $37,500.

Not only Google is Paying Bug Bounty Also Facebook and other Big Tech Companies are Paying Bug Bounty to Supporting Different Hacking Groups.

Hackers from different Locations as internship or Which they are working in Bug Bounty Programs works together to target different Companies which they are offering Bug Bounty and Target them to Get Fame and Earn Through it.

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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