Google is testing buy button in the search

Google wants to facilitate online shopping and testing for its own buy button. But the competition in the form of Twitter and Facebook is working on similar 

There is hardly anything that can not be bought over the Internet. At Amazon, there are, for example, real Christmas trees at Christmas time. Online shopping is popular for many reasons, and above all, because it is time-saving and can easily be done from anywhere. After all, according to Chamber of Commerce also has 57 percent of the Austrians in 2014 shopped online. Thus, the search actually terminates in a purchase, Google will make this easier. Company is testing a purchase button, so shopping can be done quickly, as Google Manager Jonathan Alferness explained in a blog post.

The “Purchases on function Google “(to German: purchases through Google ) still was in a “early sample phase” with a limited number of dealers, yet the product of great importance in the online trading is. The first signs were already a few months ago when the Wall Street Journal reported that Google was working on such a project. An enlargement of the test environment is a clear signal that there could be the service soon. Great competition for Amazon, Ebay and other platforms. But Facebook and Twitter for quite some time been working on the introduction of such emergency-Order button.

Shopping drag smartphone -owner often their mobile phones for price comparisons of rates. In such a search on Google , the results list could in future also list displays with the purchase button. When a user clicks on it, he comes to the side of the provider and may there with his Google pay deposited -Account account information.

Google wants to make it easier for its users to shop through its search engine – without having to go through the online retailer Amazon. The Internet giant is following other companies like Facebook and Pinterest, who also want to establish purchase buttons. About this they can earn on transactions and advertising revenue.

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