Go and Python The Latest Trending Developer Languages

The new Developer Skill 2020 report listed to 10 languages which programmers are eager to learn and use.

The survey was conducted and over more than 100 countries developers took part in that survey, the estimated number of developers is 116000.

Google created ‘GO’ and ‘Python’ is the most desired languages. (HackerRank).

Although ‘GO’ was not in the top 10 developers are eager to learn it. It is supposed that GO will be the next hit among the programming languages because more than 30% of developers voted ‘GO’ for the language they are interested to learn so far.

The other popular choice programming language in that survey is ‘Python’ which was voted by 28% developers to be the next language to learn.

The other languages on that list include following:

  • Kotlin
  • Typescript
  • R
  • Scala
  • Swift
  • Rust
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript

Despite these 10 languages ‘React’ is the one that developers want to use — with about 32 per cent of participants selecting React as their next learning platform.

AngularJS and Django claim the other two slots in the top three. Approximately 28 per cent say they plan on studying AngularJS, while 26 per cent state they are learning Django.

So far the developers are not coming slow when it comes to learning new languages to code.
They always stay updated and upgraded.

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