Flying Bike Takes To The Skies

A team of flight enthusiasts at the Hungarian research institute, Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd, designed and developed the all-electric cycle, a personal tricopter, in just six months. Flike’s creators write on their website:

“Flike is equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries, allowing for around 15-20 minutes of hover flight, which extends towards 30-40 minutes in cruise. The lift is provided by six fixed-pitch carbon composite rotors, directly driven by individual electric disc motors, resulting in the highest possible efficiency, and zero-emission by design. Due to its layout, Flike is fully controllable by solely adjusting the rotation speed of individual rotors. Its airborne behaviour is comparable to any helicopter: it can hover, roll, bank, drift, spin, yaw, climb, turn, sidle, dive… just as well as it is also capable of various things yet to be named. Flight stability, lateral position and altitude are taken care of by its full-authority flight management computer; therefore flying Flike is as easy as riding a bicycle.”

During the first flight test in March, Flike could carry a weight of 210 kg and stayed in the air for several seconds. In April, the bike underwent another test where it supported a larger weight of 240kg and maintained a longer flight time.


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