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Florida man arrested on computer hacking charge

NEW YORK (AP) – A man arrested in a computer hacking case said he was investigating financial links between charities and jihadist groups, authorities said Monday.

Florida man arrested on computer hacking charge

Timothy Sedlak was waiting to appear in an Orlando, Florida, courtroom three days after his arrest.

Federal prosecutors in New York said the Ocoee, Florida, resident was charged with attempting to hack his way into the computer system of a global charity based in Manhattan. Prosecutors did not identify the charity. They said the charge carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison upon conviction.

A criminal complaint alleges Sedlak used a computer program in June and July to try to guess passwords and bust into the charity’s files.

According to court papers, Sedlak told investigators he was researching as a private investigator whether money from charitable groups was being seized by jihadist groups.

Prosecutors said Sedlak had hoped to sell information he learned from his probe.

It was unclear who would represent Sedlak in court.

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