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Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook? 5 Ways to Fix it!

Apple users unquestionably enjoy the highest-quality music and films they have ever heard. Therefore, the next crucial discussion point is: Why does my music stop when I open Facebook?

Apple does a lot more than only releasing remarkable services. Apple has developed into a magnificent entertainment-rich brand with the expansion of its iOS technology, housing the best streaming services for an affordable price.

As a result, it is demanding to discuss its amazing Apple music feature, which works wonders for browsing, downloading, and listening to more than 60 million recordings. This article addresses the problem that “why does my apple music stop when I open Facebook?“. Continue reading to learn more.

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5 Ways to Fix “Why does my apple music stop when I open Facebook?”

Don’t you wish you could listen to your favorite tunes nonstop while enjoying the engaging Facebook content?

Once an app that uses sound is running, it will change the phone’s volume. This is simply done to prevent sounds from two distinct applications from mixing.

Yet don’t worry, Apple did not ignore such basic but annoying requirements. You will notice the level changes in the music you listen to in the background once Facebook is open because it has a lot of media and needs sound and microphone control when it is launched.

Following are some of the methods you should try to fix “Why does my music stop when I open Facebook?”. Let us discuss each method in detail.

1. Change the Facebook sound settings

Facebook has a ton of amazing videos, but sometimes you might be listening to a particularly moving verse of your favorite song. Although the film would likely be intriguing, you might prefer to hear the music uninterrupted.

So, you can listen to Apple Music while watching any Facebook videos. Here is a straightforward approach to this problem:

  1. Click “Facebook settings” as soon as Facebook is open. The three dots at the bottom are it.
  2. Next, select “Account settings.”
  3. Then click “Sounds.”
  4. Click the “In-App sound” checkbox.
  5. The tick’s absence indicates that all necessary settings have been made.
  6. Now try using Facebook and Apple Music at the same time.

Most users prefer this way, especially when they use air pods to listen to their playlists. It is convenient and enables you to listen to music while keeping your mind on socializing.

2. Re-Install Facebook

A setting like the one mentioned before occasionally may not be able to completely stop the phone’s volume from changing while using Facebook. This is a problem with the Facebook application, not Apple Music.

Here are some possible solutions in case the problem where Apple Music pauses while you open Facebook continues;

  1. Facebook should be removed from the phone.
  2. Download the app once more right now.
  3. Investigate the problem. Try to see Facebook material while Apple Music is playing in the background.

This approach ought to have resolved the problem. However, if using Facebook still results in volume changes, continue reading for other solutions.

3. To resolve a problem when Apple Music stops, restart your iPhone

Even though many faults in apps may be fixed by reinstalling them, occasionally the phone as a whole may require a reboot. Restarting your phone may correct the setting you made using the first approach described in this article as the first line of defense. Shut down your iPhone

You should be able to prevent instances when Apple music stops when you open Facebook by doing this. This might not always be the case, and your music’s volume may still be interrupted once the phone restarts.

4. Refreshing the background

Sometimes the system drag is the only cause of the problem. Multiple applications running simultaneously might cause various types of overlapping, and these problems could upset your habit of surfing through Facebook while listening to upbeat music.

Here is one practical move you could take if you notice your Apple Music volume dropping or halting altogether:

  1. Hold down the home button until each of your tabs or programs appears on its own.
  2. To close or remove from the background any unwanted applications, including Facebook, swipe up on them.
  3. Try playing Apple Music now, and then restart Facebook.
  4. With this, the issue should be resolved and you won’t have to worry about overlapping sounds while listening to Apple Music.

5. When to Contact Apple Support

As you browse through your Facebook feed, one of the above-mentioned solutions should ideally help keep Music playing your favorite songs.

However, if they don’t work, you might want to get in touch with Apple Support. If the situation persists or gets worse, you might be dealing with hardware or software problems.

Your inquiries can be answered by an Apple technician by phone, online chat, or in person at an Apple Store location close to you.


Why does my apple music stop when I open Facebook?

There are a few common causes for this to happen. The Facebook app may be blamed for the issue, or there may be other factors at play, such as many background programs or a flaw in the Facebook app.

The post above discusses a few solutions to the problem of Apple Music stopping when you open Facebook. Hope it’s useful.

How do you stop Facebook from pausing music?

By holding down the home screen button until the numerous operating tabs appear, you can always choose to either dismiss all background programs or modify Facebook’s settings.

On Facebook, most of the time, the stuff you watch starts playing without your intervention. Additionally, the music is activated by the content, which turns off or lowers the volume of Apple Music.

As a result, you must go to Facebook settings, click on account settings, and then pick noises, where a checked box can be found. To remove the tick, click on it. The default setting of music from Facebook material playing automatically will be changed as a result.


We hope this article was informative enough to guide you on how to fix “Why does my music stop when I open Facebook?“. Let us know in the comment sections if you found this post helpful. Good Luck!

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