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How To Fix ‘Potentially unwanted app found’ Warning on Windows 10

Windows Security will block malicious apps even if you allow them to run via UAC. This is because it isn’t sure about them or they are usually safe but could be exploited maliciously. The Windows Security icon on the system tray has a yellow exclamation point next to it.

Fix Potentially unwanted app found

To fix the Potentially unwanted app that found a problem, you may either delete the app or let it run on your machine. Be cautious before enabling an app to run.

PUAs (potentially unwanted apps) are often flagged by Windows Defender because they can be used to download potentially dangerous files. This is not because the apps are malicious, but because they can be used to download these files.

Allow Potentially unwanted apps to run

In Windows Defender, you can let a PUA run by adding it to the list of apps that can run.

  1. Open Windows Security.
  2. Go to App & browser control
  3. Click Review under Reputation-based protection
  4. Open the dropdown that says Low 
  5. You will need to confirm that you have admin access to the system to get beyond this point
  6. Review the details of the threat and decide if you want to keep the app
  7. Scroll down and open the Actions dropdown
  8. Select Allow on Device
  9. Apply the change

Remove The App

Follow these steps to find and remove the flagged application.

  1. Open Windows Security
  2. Go to App and browser control
  3. Click Review under Reputation-based protection
  4. Select the most recently listed command to view its details
  5. The Affected item will tell you which app was flagged
  6. Go ahead and Uninstall it


If you let a PUA app run on your system, you may get the notification “Potentially unwanted app found”. It all depends on the app. You can turn off reputation-based protection. This isn’t a normal feature of Windows Defender, thus all apps will be scanned. After allowing or removing the app, you will need to delete your protection history.

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