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Fix Kali Black Screen After Grub Boot-up

Kali Linux is Debian-based Linux distribution that is designed for penetration testers and digital forensics. It contains tons of tools used by the offensive and white-hat communities.

After fresh installation of the Kali Linux, many users face Kali Linux not being able to boot or the system stuck on the black screen while booting. Don’t worry we’re gonna fix that issue that is happening due to Kali not supporting drivers.

Causes of Black screen error in Kali Linux

There can be several reasons for this to happen such as,

  • Downloading correct versions of iSO files and from the official sources.
  • Trying to install 32-bit when your computer supports a 64-bit system.
  • No space left on your hard drive.

1. Update the Grub file in Kali Linux

The first thing you need to do is install Kali Linux using a graphical installer. After the successful installation reboots your system.

  • From the Grub Menu, select Advanced Options and enter recovery mode and modify the grub settings.
  • It will ask you to enter a password, you can type: toor as your password since it’s a default password.
  • Locate the grub file and edit using nano editor.
  • Type:  nano /etc/default/grub
  • Search for the specific line, GRUBCMD_LINE_LINUXDEFAULT="QUIET"


You can change the Nvidia value depending on the card you own.

Nvidia Cards: nouveau or nvidia
AMD/Ati Cards: radeon
Intel Cards: i915

After that you have to save the file and reboot press CTRL + X. If editing the grub file didn’t help fix the issue let’s move on to another solution.

Now, just update the grub using the following command: update-grub

2. Install Graphics Drivers in Kali Linux through recovery mode

To install graphic drivers or upgrade Linux in general you have to connect to WiFi first.

  • device_name would be your network card, you can find it by running the iwconfig command.
  • ssid would be your network name and password_here would be your WiFi password.

First, search for the available wifi networks to do that run,

  • iw dev device_name (wlan0.. etc) scan

Now, connect to your WiFi network using,

  • iw dev device_name connect ssid

If your network is password protected you can connect using a password,

  • iw dev device_name connect ssid password_here

Now, that we have connected to a WiFi network and have internet access, let’s install graphic drivers and update our Kali Linux.

Update your repository

You can find the official repository link on Kali Linux official website.

Edit the apt-source file using,

apt edit-sources

After that, we’re gonna include the repository link.

deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib

After you saved that file, we’re gonna update the system using,

sudo apt update

Install Nvidia Drivers in Kali Linux

Now, that we have updated our repository. We can install updated Nvidia drivers by executing.

sudo apt install nvidia-drivers-390
#change 390 according to your need


After the successful installation of the Nvidia graphic driver, Kali Linux will boot into graphical mode without any problems. If you still face any problems or had any difficulty executing commands let us know in the comments.

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