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How To Fix Google Maps Not Working iPhone?

In terms of navigation, Google Maps is far ahead of the competition. It’s easy to see why so many iPhone users prefer Google Maps to Apple Maps, given the number of features. However, Google Maps, like any other app, might cause problems and stop operating on your iPhone. This can be dangerous as it could stop anywhere and leave you in the middle of nowhere!

Well, you don’t need to worry as we have got you solutions. This article will tell you nine easy fixes for “Google maps not working iPhone“. Let’s get started.

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9 Easy fixes for “Google maps not working iPhone.”

Following are some easy fixes for “Google maps not working iPhone”. Let’s discuss each method step by step.

1. Google Maps should be closed and reopened.

Force-closing and relaunching programs refresh them from time to time, and Google Maps is no exception. Caching, RAM or in-app issues such as failing to acquire location data might cause Google Maps to stop.

It gets a fresh start by force-quitting and relaunching. It might also be able to restart geolocation data downloads and keep them going. Tap Google Maps to reopen it after it has been closed.

2. Turn on the location feature on your iPhone

However, before you go any further, ensure your iPhone’s location is turned on, as Google Maps will not operate without it. After all, this could be the reason why Google Maps isn’t working on your phone.

To enable location on your iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Select Privacy from the drop-down menu under Settings. Turn-on-the-location-hacktoday
  3. Toggle on Location Services by clicking on Location Services. Turn-on-the-location-hacktodayTurn-on-the-location-hacktoday

Note: If you haven’t already, make sure you download Google Maps from the App Store, as it isn’t usually included with the iPhone.

If, despite turning on location, Google Maps still fails, try the following fixes.

3. Check the status of the Google Maps server.

Due to service outages or disruptions, Google Maps may sometimes not work. However, this is a rare occurrence. However, it is possible. And once it does, the service is up and running in no time.

Go to Google Maps Platform to discover whether there is a service outage with Google Maps. On the page, you’ll find a table of Google Maps service APIs. Each service has a green checkmark to the right, indicating that it is operational.

Otherwise, it indicates that the server is momentarily unavailable. You have no choice but to keep checking to see whether it’s back up.

4. Restart your device by pressing the power button.

If Google Maps still doesn’t work after force-closing and relaunching it, it’s probably time to restart your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone clears your RAM and refreshes all of your apps. This workaround may also be helpful if Google Maps frequently fails to launch or freezes.


5. Allow Google Maps to access your location.

Even if you switch on your iPhone’s location, Google won’t be able to update your geolocation if you don’t enable it. While this is Apple’s way of enhancing Privacy, it may be inconvenient for some programs.

To check if the location is set up, particularly for Google Maps, and switch it on if it isn’t, do the following:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Go to Google Maps and type in your location.Allow-Google-Maps-to-access-your-location-hacktoday
  3. Place your finger on the map.
  4. Select Keep Google Maps’ location turned on at all times.Allow-Google-Maps-to-access-your-location-hacktoday
  5. Except for Never, you can choose any other choice from the list.
  6. To improve Google Maps’ location detection accuracy, turn on Precise Location.Allow-Google-Maps-to-access-your-location-hacktoday

Note: If Google Maps still doesn’t work, try a new area, as it’s possible that it didn’t capture your present location.

6. Check your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, Google Maps, like other iPhone apps, relies on a fast internet connection to function correctly. A connection error warning in the Google Maps app is one way to tell if the failure is due to a wrong network.

As a result, check that your Wi-Fi router or hotspot provider is in good working order. If you’re sure your router is working correctly, you can try turning on and off Wi-Fi on your iPhone to re-establish the connection. Also, if you’re using mobile data, ensure your connection is stable.

7. Make sure you’re in the right time zone.

Google Maps and other apps may glitch or fail to load if the time zone is incorrect. Furthermore, if your timezone is erroneous, Google Maps will be unable to send data from your specific location, resulting in a data delivery conflict. Similarly, if your phone has a time zone conflict, your internet connection may be affected.

8. Google Maps should be uninstalled and reinstalled/updated.

You may be dealing with a bug or a cache issue if Google Maps freezes or becomes extremely slow. This could be because you recently updated your iOS version, or the app has other underlying problems.

Simply deleting and reinstalling Google Maps, or updating it, may resolve the issue. Additionally, because reinstalling from scratch provides you with a fresh start with the software, caching is removed.

9. Google Maps should be re-calibrated.

If Google Maps can’t acquire your specific location when you utilize Live View, this technique comes in helpful. Recalibration improves Google Maps accuracy by allowing you to scan and sync buildings and objects around you manually.

People you share your location with will be able to find you quickly on the app using Live View.

Before calibrating, turn on Precise Position and allow Google Maps to access your location, as mentioned above.

Then, on your iPhone, turn on Compass Calibration:

  1. Go to Privacy in the Settings menu.
  2. Locate the Location Services option. Google-Maps-should-be-re-calibrated-hacktoday
  3. Please scroll down to System Services and touch it.
  4. Toggle Compass Calibration on.Google-Maps-should-be-re-calibrated-hacktoday

To re-calibrate Google Maps in Live View, do the following:

  1. On your iPhone, launch Google Maps.
  2. On the map, tap the blinking blue dot.
  3. Calibrate using Live View is the option to choose.
  4. If prompted, select Start.
  5. Then, as directed on the screen, follow the steps.


We hope this article helped guide you about google maps voice not working on iPhones. Follow the above methods if your “google maps offline iPhone not working”. Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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