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How to Fix Call Failed on Your iPhone?

When you try to make a call on your iPhone and get the error message “Call Failed iPhone,” it can be aggravating. “Why can’t I make calls?” you may be thinking. This can be inconvenient, especially making a critical phone call. When it concerns any problem, no matter what iPhone version you have, you want to get free of it as soon as possible. Let’s see how to solve that!

What Does Call Failed Mean on iPhone?

When you attempt to make a phone call but your iPhone displays “Call Failed iPhone” the issue occurs. Sometimes, you’re in the middle of the conversation, the problem may appear.

Call Failed iPhone

When the iPhone drops calls, it’s usually due to a weak signal in a specific location. Even while the poor signal is the most prevalent cause of the problem, the SIM card might also be the source of the problem. Let’s troubleshoot and fix the problem, whatever the cause may be.

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11 Quick Ways to Fix “Call Failed iPhone?”

Is it possible that your phone call was dropped? There could be various reasons for this. While the success rate of iPhone voice conversations has increased dramatically in recent years, they can still go wrong. Following the methods below should assist you in resolving or at the very least isolating any failed call difficulties you may be experiencing on your iPhone.

1. Restart your device

Try restarting your iPhone if you’re having problems making phone calls. The most straightforward method is to use the buttons as usual. You can also launch the Settings app and select General from the drop-down menu. Then select Shut Down. Turn on your iPhone and attempt to make a call after a minute. The problem will almost certainly be resolved.


2. Dial *#31#

One of the iPhone’s hidden codes for removing your incoming anonymity. Maybe you set your iPhone number to be concealed in all outgoing calls by mistake, resulting in call failure every time you make or receive a call.

The quickest way to do this is to dial *#31#.


You may also check it out by opening a new tab.

  1. Choose Settings.Dial-*#31#-hacktoday
  2. Select Phone > Show My Caller ID.Dial-*#31#-hacktoday
  3. Enable Show My Caller ID.


3. Turn Airplane Mode on and off

To enable Airplane Mode, open the Settings app and tap the icon for it. After 30 seconds, hit the same toggle again to turn it off. Try making a phone call now. It ought to work.


4. Reset the iPhone’s Network Settings

If you believe the network is to blame for your iPhone’s call failure, you can Reset Network Settings. After a reset, most network-related difficulties such as the inability to make phone calls, message failures, and cellular data issues are resolved. Please note that this will not destroy any personal information, but it will remove saved Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth devices, and VPN setups.

To make a network reset, follow these steps.

  1. Click the General Reset option in the Settings app. Reset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday
  2. Tap on Reset Network SettingsReset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday
  3. Then Enter your iPhone passcode to confirm.

5. Check the list of people who have been blocked.

Perhaps you blocked contact on purpose or by accident at some point. Check whether the phone number you’re trying to call isn’t blocked. To do so,

  1. Go to the Settings app and select Phone. blocked-contacts-hacktoday
  2. Blocked Contacts can get found by scrolling down and tapping on them. blocked-contacts-hacktoday
  3. If the person/number has been added to this list, swipe right to left and tap Unblock.

6. All Settings Must Be Reset

If the less severe reset above does not work, repeat the steps above and select Reset All Settings. The ramifications of this are even more severe.


All settings you’ve ever changed on your iPhone will be erased or reset to default. This contains keyboard preferences, Home Screen layout, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and location preferences, among other things. However, it will not destroy personal data such as images, movies, apps, or music.

7. Check to see if Call Forwarding is enabled.

Call forwarding can cause interference, so if you’re having trouble making calls, make sure it’s turned off. To do so,

  1. Go to the Settings app and select Phone. Call-Forwarding-hacktoday
  2. After that, select Call Forwarding. Allow time for it to load. Call-Forwarding-hacktoday
  3. If it’s turned on, tap the toggle to turn it off.


8. Remove and Reinsert SIM card

The SIM card slot is located on the right side of all recent iPhones. Carefully remove the SIM card with the ejector tool or a pin. After that, gently rub it with a soft dry cloth before reinserting it.

9. Update the software on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app and select General from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then, select Software Update. update-your-iphone-software-hacktoday
  3. Tap Download and Install if a pending update is available.

10. Disable LTE for the time being.

You can enable LTE on your iPhone if you desire a quicker Internet connection. Disable this feature for a while to see if it’s the cause of your iPhone call failure error.

  1. You can access the Settings menu.
  2. Go to Mobile Data Option. turn-off-mobile-data-hacktoday
  3. Please turn it off.


11. Get in Touch With Your Carrier

Finally, if nothing else appears to be working, contact your mobile carrier. Email, Twitter, and their mobile app are all options for contacting them. Check for any outstanding bills or unpaid charges that may have caused the service to get suspended.


We hope this article was informative enough to guide you on how to fix “Call failed iPhone?”. These are some methods for effectively resolving the iPhone’s call failure issue. We hope one of the options was able to assist you in resolving your issue. Last but not least, try updating your carrier settings.

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