Find your WiFi Password in iPhone, Open Settings & More with WiFi Widget

Comparing the iOS widget system to the Android widget system you can clearly see the how much Android developers community has done with their tweaks and settings. In iOS, we just need some good widgets to get the most out of it, so that’s totally up to the iOS developer community to create awesome apps that could work with some iPhone, iPad, and iPod home screen or lock screen.

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Johnny Lin is one such developer who’s improving iOS 10’s gadget framework, as his most recent application, Wi-Fi Widget, includes some incredible functionality that we’ve been missing. It gives you a chance to get to your Wi-Fi settings menu in one tap (something Apple ought to incorporate on the Control Center flip), run a fast ping test on your system at the press of a catch, and even you can share your WiFi password with your friends.

1. Download And Install WiFi-Widget

It is available on the iOS App Store, The usual cost of WiF-Widget is $2.99, but it’s currently at a sale price of $0.99, so we would suggest you grab it now!

2. Setting the WiFi-Widget

Now that you’re done with the installation now you have to setup the widget on the widget area, where you swipe over to your leftmost home screen to view a list of other widgets.

3. How to see WiFi password?

Now that you are done with adding WiFi-Widget in your Widget area. Now if you would share your WiFi password with your friends you have to tap on “Show More” on the widget, then press “Tap to Set Password.” From here, you can type in your Wi-Fi password, and the app will sync this information with iCloud Keychain to make it available on any other device where you have Wi-Fi Widget installed.

Make sure your WiFi password isn’t accessible from your lock screen, and you can then open the Wi-Fi Widget app and tap “Menu,” then enable the “Unlock for Password” option.

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