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‘Flash’ Facebook’s New Snapchat Clone on Any Android Phone

Facebook just released another application that means to contend straightforwardly with Snapchat and it’s totally Snapchat clone, yet it’s exclusive formally accessible in Brazil right now. The application, called “Flash,” is so much like Snapchat that it’s not even the smallest piece of an extend to call it a clone.

Despite the fact that Flash is just formally accessible in Brazil, you can attempt it at this moment on any Android gadget in any nation. All you have to do is enable “Unknown sources” in Settings, then download and install the following APK.


Download: Click here.

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Facebook’s making absolutely no effort to hide its motive here: They’re coming for Snapchat. There’s no news yet on an official worldwide rollout for Flash, but once you’ve got the APK installed, there aren’t any restrictions on using the app.

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