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Facebook Supports 2FA Security Keys on iOS and Android

After a few years of being supported on desktop, physical security keys can now be used with Facebook on mobile devices.

Facebook’s laptop edition has supported security keys since 2017. You can now use them to secure your account on mobile as well, courtesy of the platform.

Facebook Mobile Supports Hardware Security Keys:

Facebook revealed in a blog post on Thursday that physical security keys will now be used for two-factor authentication (2FA) on its iOS and Android apps. You can associate your key with your Facebook account by going to the Security and Login section of your settings.

2FA adds a layer of protection to your social networking sites and other accounts. In addition to your password, you must present two pieces of verification upon login to obtain access (for example). That second piece of information is typically a numeric code sent to your email or phone as a text message.

“It’s far more challenging for malicious users to receive both factors,” Facebook adds. “This keeps your password from being your last line of defense against phishing or other malicious efforts to compromise your information.”

What Is a Hardware Security Key?

A hardware security key is a small device that works in conjunction with your password on websites that support it. It can be carried in your hand etc. You can use USB or Bluetooth to connect them to your other devices.

If you choose to use a hardware security key for Facebook (which the company strongly advises, particularly if you’re “at high risk of being targeted by malicious hackers”), you’ll be prompted to use the button on it every time you try to log in from a new browser or device.

Although Facebook does not manufacture hardware security keys, you can purchase one from a manufacturer to use with your account.

Facebook Ups Its Security

Facebook is one of very few big social media (NFC) platforms to support 2FA on desktop computers, so mobile jumps are a little lent.

In December, Twitter added mobile support for physical security keys, allowing you to use different security keys for your Twitter account instead of just one.

Nonetheless, this new security feature is a welcome addition. Facebook has a lot of people’s personal information, so the company can do all it can to help you keep it safe.

We don’t want another significant Facebook security breach like the one that occurred in late 2018 when around 50 million accounts were compromised.

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