Facebook Suing Two Websites That Sold Instagram Likes and Abused Facebook User Data

Facebook Filed Lawsuit Against Massroot8 in US and MGP25 Cyberint Services in Spain

Facebook filed lawsuits against two websites that sold Instagram likes and harvested Facebook user’s information and passwords.

Facebook filed two separate lawsuits in California and Spain against Marcos Gomez Platon, a Spanish developer, and Moroccan developer Mohammad Zaghar.

These defendants also violated the laws of the US and Spain, including Spain’s protections for databases and online platforms and the computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the US.

MGP25 Cyberint Services

Facebook sued a company named MGP25, which offered its customers Instagram likes and comments.

“The defendant’s service was designed to evade Instagram’s restrictions against fake engagement by mimicking the official Instagram app in the way that it connected to our systems,” Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation said today.

“The defendants did this for profit, and continued to do so even after we sent a Cease and Desist letter and disabled their accounts.”



Facebook sued another company named, which alleged to steal Facebook user’s details and passwords once they signup for an account.

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The website allowed to manage multiple Facebook accounts at once, and they used passwords to surreptitiously access and scrape user’s accounts and harvest data from there friend lists as well.

Before operating Massroot8, Facebook said Zaghar also operated two other sites — and — that sold Facebook likes and follows.

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