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Facebook New Features and Changes you should Know

Facebook New Features and Changes you should Know, It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes, or to know what’s the best and new useful things in world’s largest social network.

Of course, Facebook is no longer just about Facebook. It has an ecosystem of apps around it, and the Facebook Messenger service is powerful enough to take on Google Hangouts and other instant messaging apps.

The Facebook News Feed can get overwhelming at times, and you often see trivial updates from acquaintances, while missing important posts from people you care about. To avoid this, Facebook has finally introduced News Feed Preferences to prioritize what you see in the news feed. With the new preferences, you can:

  • Prioritize your friends so the important people show up first. Just tap to star your favorites, Facebook will make sure their posts pop up first.
  • Unfollow acquaintances in bulk, so that you still appear as friends without seeing their posts in your timeline. It’s on the best ways to clean up your news feed.
  • Reconnect with people you unfollowed, just in case you made a mistake.
  • Follow brands and pages in bulk.

This option is already available in the iOS app and has rolled out to a few Android users, but will be available across Android and Web in the coming weeks, so be patient if you don’t already see it.

Add a Legacy Contact to Handle Your Account After You Die




Once you die, what happens to your Facebook account, with all your messages and photos and data? Much like you’d make a will to give your physical assets to a loved one, Facebook lets you give control of your account to someone.

It’s called a Legacy Contact, and it’s pretty easy to add one. Just choose someone from your Facebook friends, and choose whether you want them to be able to download an archive of all your photos, posts and profile information.

  • Your Legacy Contact will be given the ability to write a post at the top of your timeline, respond to friend requests, and change the profile and cover photos.
  • Your Legacy Contact cannot impersonate you. They can talk on your account, but only as themselves, not as you.
  • You can also choose to not add a Legacy Contact and instead delete your account on your death.

You really should enable this feature right away because if you don’t, the process of getting access to a deceased person’s account is tedious. You don’t want to put your loved ones through that.

Look Through Your FB History with On This Day



Create a Private, Controlled Scrapbook of Your Child’s Photos

If you’re on Facebook, you can’t escape photos of children posted by proud parents. But parents also want to protect their child’s online persona and make sure all the photos are in one place, and that they have control over who sees them. Facebook’s new Scrapbook is the best way to handle your kid’s pictures.

  • Any adult and their partner can set up a digital scrapbook for their child by going to About > Family and Relationships > Create a Scrapbook.
  • Only the two partners can control the scrapbook, and only the two partners can tag the child in a photo.
  • Choose a tag for your child, like his/her name, or “kiddo”, or whatever. Any photo where either partner uses that tag will automatically be added to the scrapbook.
  • The partners can customize the privacy settings for each photo, and will get a notification if a picture has been set to “Public” or not.

Scrapbook is a great way for parents to take amazing photos for their kids and safely share them, as well as maintain a secure album for the future. You can check out the Scrapbooks FAQ for more information.


Android Only: Chop the Fat with Facebook Lite




Facebook requires you to install Messenger separately anyway, so why is that Facebook app taking so many megabytes of space on your phone? Facebook Lite is a new app from the social networking giant which cuts the flab.

It is perfect for phones with low disk space. In fact, it also runs faster on phones with older hardware. And it also includes Messenger, so you don’t need a separate app to chat with your friends.

Our detailed Facebook Lite review has everything you need to know, along with download options if you can’t get it from the official Play Store link below.

Download: Facebook Lite (Free | Google Play Store)

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