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Facebook Messenger: Chat Without Being Friends

The novelty will be introduced shortly. Users will receive a “request message” even by people who are not in your contacts. The goal of the social network is to bring his levels of chat WhatsApp.

NO MORE only friend requests to answer. Now on our message boards of Facebook they will also appear in the “requests for message”: perfect strangers who want to talk to us through Messenger will do.

Always with our consent, of course. Until now those who were not our “friend” could send a message but this was buried in “posts” , accessible only from computers and unknown to most people.

In short, things will change. The request to start a conversation will appear clear on our profiles. It will be up to us to decide whether to pursue it or ignore it, and direct it to the folder of the filtered messages, along with spam. With this move, the social network wants to increase the use and popularity of his chat to set values ​​of WhatsApp: “Forget the phone numbers .

Today the only thing you need to talk to anyone in the world is his name, “writes David Marcus, head of Messenger. Last summer, in the US, Canada and Venezuela, had been activated the ability to chat with Messenger through phone numbers . But now in Menlo Park they decided to go further. For Marcus it is “an important development”, useful in all those cases in which we need to quickly communicate with someone, for example, to work, but do not necessarily want to send a friend request. The question remains whether the opening of the chat will not lead to phenomena of spam by individuals or companies.

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