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Facebook Knows Actual Content Inside your Photography

Facebook knows about you better than yourself. Even they can detect objects inside your photographs. It doesn’t matter if you put the caption or description still they can identify the objects inside your shared image.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a wedding or having a pizza, they just figure out what really inside this photograph they might not have included any caption or description for that photo but still, they can find what matters in that picture.

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Facebook Computer Vision Tags ATL

  1. Open any photograph on the Facebook website and click the thumbnail to view the enlarged version of the image.
  2. Right-click the image and choose Inspect to open the Chrome Dev Tools. This trick would work across all modern browsers since they have developer tools built-in.
  3. Look at the alt attribute of the image tag* and you’ll find the description of the image as seen by Facebook.

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[*] If the <img> tag is not visible in developer tool, you may need to expand the parent <div> tag.

A Github user has created a Google Chrome extension that takes away all the manual work and overlays the tags on the pictures without you having to hunt inside the developer tool.


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