Facebook introduced a new option for the rich and famous

After appearing on Twitter, Periscope application, which allows users to broadcast live footage of events around him, has become in a very short time a very popular, according to N1.

Twitter is now joined with a similar application and Facebook with its Live service for Facebook Mentions, dedicated to famous people.

Influential people worldwide use the service Mentions in order to better connect with their fans and easier to communicate with them.

With Live option public figures can broadcast live video of what’s happening around them, answering questions, posting important information and much more.

Just as with Periscopea, Live allows users to check at any time how many people are involved in their live stream, and how much people are viewing.

Once the transfer is completed, the video can be saved in the archives and look at any time. Unfortunately for “ordinary” Facebook users this option is not yet available.

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