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Facebook Inbox Virus And How To Remove It

There’s a new Facebook virus which is spreading and its a picture type link which contains thumbnail of your own profile picture and contains a random URL, which fully loaded with malware. That’s not a new way to trap users in to clicking those links. It is previously used by many spammers which were spreading various kind of viruses through Facebook in past years.

Facebook Virus TheHackToday.com

So what exactly will happens if you click on that link shown above.

Whenever you click on that link, that malware will inject your Facebook account and start sending spamming messages to your friends exactly the same you receive or sometimes contains pornographic images.

What is the cure for this virus if you have clicked on it?

If you’re already infected by this malware and it’s spreading from your source then nothing to worry follow these steps to fix it.

  • Put a status on your Facebook wall immediately informing your friends that your account may be compromised by a virus attack, if they receive any inbox message with a video title “Please do not click on it as it is a Facebook virus
  • Change your Facebook password right away.
  • Clear your cache, browser history.
  • Logout of Facebook, run full PC scan using any good Antivirus. This may take longer then expected but rest assured, Antivirus will remove any unwanted executable files or computer malware.
  • Antivirus sometimes overlook add-ons in your browser. Make sure you check browser add-ons. Disable any you find suspicious.

I would recommend using https://www.eset.com/int/home/online-scanner. It has a free online system scanner and removes Facebook virus on demand. I’m sure after following these steps you’ll be able to remove those viruses.

Thanks for reading you have any question your welcome to drop a comment.


Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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