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Few Email Security Tips To Protect you From Hackers..

Security Tips: Here’s few things you should do if you wanna stop hackers from ruining your life. No matter if your security is tough but you can still be hacked, even if you do all these things perfectly.

Few things you need to keep in mind!

  • Passwords: The most important thing to protect you from hackers & brute forcing complex passwords is difficult. Every site should have different login passwords and even different email addresses. I know creating more emails for different sites is difficult but that helps you and keeps you away from hackers. Never ever use the same passwords on unsecured sites.
  • Strong Passwords: There’s so many tools online to cracking passwords and brute forcing tools which helps to crack passwords. If you’re using complex passwords and strong passwords that will probably helps you! An example of strong passwords: Fu$K_0nO+F 🙂
  • Complex Usernames: Do not use your name as a username.. You should have to make your usernames as complex as your passwords. Many WordPress blogs are set up with the default username of “admin” so hackers already have 50% of information about your blog or website, now they need to brute force for passwords with millions of passwords included in there wordlist. Better suggest you to take this seriously and change your username as your complex password.
  • Updating antivirus and Browsers: You should have to keep your Antivirus updated as well as browsers. There’s free antivirus and paid antivirus. I’ll suggest to stick with paid one because they keep their servers updated regularly for corporate purpose. And keep your browsers updated because hackers trying to exploit latest techniques daily.
  • Secure Socket Layer(SSL): Always verify before making a login or register to Facebook or Google or etc.. you need to verify if the SSL is working or it’s just “http://” it should be “https://” normally. Hacker’s can sniff on your network if you’re using free internet like cyber cafe or coffee shop free internet. There might be some chances hackers has affected DNS servers to intercept your traffic and show’s you fake SSL certificates to make the Phishing site like the original one. These techniques used by hackers to spy on your traffic and passwords.

I think this is for right now.. the article will be updated soon.!

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