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Egypt offered to “sell” President

You must be surprised to know Egypt’s President, a well-known online shopping website eBay, sell on ‘ was presented to. The interesting thing is that the Egyptian President has also spoken of more than 100,000 dollars be applied.

In fact, it has been fun from an eBay user who reject the statement that the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that “to improve the economy. If I had to sell themselves I’m not laying down. ”

After this statement the Egyptian President a eBay user has created a page on the Egyptian President has offered for sale-not only that, but on the other hand, users have also started to buy Egyptian President bid.

More than 100 users took part in the bid amount, more than $ 100,000 while most applied-to sell Egyptian President on behalf of the user who posted the words were written on paper with the image of the alsisi also used the ‘ minor ‘ field marshal.

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