Effective Prototype Artificial Contact Lens Unveiled

Mojo Vision, a technology development company has released a functioning version of what they believe to be the first genuine automated contact lens in the world.

Invisible Computing:

This intelligent lens sensor is basically a miniaturized display that can be worn in the eye. The company claims it can send instructions, sports statistics, or even make them see in the night.

For a fact, it is a mini-computer. Nobody ever suspects it’s presence. It’s been built such that you can’t see it and according to senior advertising and communications vice president Steve Sinclair, the organization has made it such all the gestures are also highly discreet, performed only with facial motions, making sure that no one becomes conscious of their existence.

This form of development has a number of applications and there are infinite possible options. Nonetheless, there is already a lot of testing to do before it can be published, requiring complete FDA clearance that adheres to requirements and guidelines, something the organization is focusing on at the moment.


The contact lens will also be easy to navigate, as well as unnoticeable. It is probable that a computer in front of the eye will continuously feed details, which is not what the firm needs. So it’ll just send the user the details they need right where they need that, instead of bombarding them with it when they don’t. This is particularly important considering that the device will still be clear when the eyes are closed because it is a contact lens.


Pixel Comparison:

The science behind all of this is indeed particularly fascinating. right in the middle of the smart lens is a MicroLED miniature monitor with a pixel density of 14,000 pixels per square inch (PPI), which is currently a company-specific world record. For just a rapid quality compared, the crystal clear retina display of the brand new iPhone 11 has a pixel density of only 323 PPI which is tiny against the lens.


Although it might look like stuff literally taken from a James bond movie, this contact lens is currently on its path to being a product and might not be as far removed as many might believe. It is completely usable even though this is currently in its development stage. Besides FDA clearance and a few kinks ironing out, it’s nearly good to go. The ultimate product that will reach the visually disabled will permanently transform the lives of individuals, this is a really exciting possibility!

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